Coldwater Fisheries Biologist: New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Game & Fish
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Job Category
Full time Positions
$21.13 - $33.81 / hour
Last Date to Apply
From sparkling streams and high mountain lakes to productive reservoirs and the world-famous San Juan River tailwater, New Mexico is home to incredible fisheries for trout and other coldwater fish species. This position is crucial to effectively manage those resources for the benefit of the State's citizens. The employee will be responsible for developing and implementing scientifically robust evaluations of coldwater fisheries in order to support sound and defensible management. The position will also implement management actions to improve the quality of coldwater fisheries throughout the state. Major job tasks include: - Study coldwater fisheries around the State to identify means to improve the quality of the fishery. Report on findings including provisions of management recommendations. - Implement management actions to improve the quality of coldwater fisheries Statewide. - Coordinate with hatchery operations to refine number of fish stocked and frequency of stocking. - Provide public information regarding coldwater fisheries in the State. Who are the customers? This position serves the people of New Mexico by advancing the conservation and management of sport fish. The ideal candidate will hold an advanced degree in wildlife/fisheries management, biology, or other related natural resource degree and three (3) years wildlife/fisheries management experience. The ideal candidate will also have experience operating motorboats and rafts, experience operating electrofishing equipment, and experience with experimental design and data analysis/interpretation.
Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in biology, fisheries science/management, wildlife science/management, animal science, forestry, ecology or similar related natural resource degree and two (2) years of experience in the specified fields. Only for use at the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department: Any combination of education from an accredited college or university and related field and/or direct experience in this occupation totally four (4) years may substitute for the required education and experience. Substitutions Apply. See Substitution Table in job listing.
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Jane Trujillo
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