Condors and Predators in southern Utah

Utah State University
Logan Utah
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Graduate Assistantships
$1200 per month
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Drs. Mike Conover and Nicki Frey are soliciting applications for a graduate research assistantship for January 2022 – June 2024. The graduate student would be responsible for studying scavenging patterns of California condors in southern Utah. There is very little documented research regarding the scavenging activity of condors since their reintroduction into the wild. Such research has shown that many condors scavenge during the fall on the remains of deer and elk killed by hunters and become victims of lead poisoning as a result. However, there are few published papers on which species condors forage on, how they locate them, or their rate of ingestion. Furthermore, there is no available research concerning the interaction of condors and mammalian predators, and the result of this interaction on the predator community. The student will live in Logan, Utah to attend classes; research will be conducted in southern Utah during the summers of 2022 and 2023. The student will be provided with a vehicle and housing while working in southern Utah Students will be provided a stipend of $1200/month, assuming a 20-hour work week at $15/hour. Basic graduate student insurance will be cost-shared with the student. In-state tuition will be covered. Applicants must have a valid U. S. driver’s license. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, GRE scores if available, and unofficial transcripts to and . Please entitle the subject “Condor Research Assistant” Application due October 10, 2021.
Applicant must have a valid U. S. Driver's license and a B. S. degree in a related field. This project will require the ability for the student researcher to move about by themselves in rough terrain, in various weather conditions, in areas with little to no cell phone coverage. Therefore, applicants with a demonstrated ability to perform well under these conditions will be preferred. Similarly, applicants with demonstrated leadership ability and an independent work motivation will be preferred.
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Dr. Nicki Frey
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