Conservation Area Project Biologist: Oregon

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Prairie City, Oregon
Job Category
Full time Positions
$45,000 to $46,213
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Introduction The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon is seeking a motivated, experienced employee to manage four fish habitat-focused conservation properties from their office in Prairie City, Oregon. The John Day River Basin is an exciting place to work in conservation and salmon protection and enhancement actions. The John Day River is the third longest undammed river in the conterminous United States and the last major tributary to the Columbia River managed exclusively for wild anadromous fish. There are many partners and funding sources for restoration. The four properties (~6,500-acres) managed by this position are among the premier salmon habitats of the basin. One parcel is on the John Day River above Prairie City, and the other three parcels are on the Middle Fork John Day River. More Program info available on Optional housing is available with this position. Overview The position is focused on the protection, management, and restoration of existing fish and wildlife habitat, agricultural activities, and monitoring activities through supervision of the staff that perform this work on these properties. The Project Leader/Biologist supervises three staff directly and up to six additional staff indirectly. The main focus is to protect and enhance fish habitat on the many streams within these properties, and manage these properties as showcases for conservation, modeling compatibilities of both agriculture and habitat restoration. The ideal candidate should be forward-thinking in both planning and day-to-day operations. They must be able to build relationships within the community, agencies, organizations, and the Tribes. Supervision, program management and planning, and contracting and procurement activities are prime responsibilities of this position. The Project Leader/Biologist must have multiple skills and problem-solving aptitude. The employee will work in an office environment about 65%, with the remaining time spent in the field. Responsibilities • Annual project contract writing with Bonneville Power Administration which outlines annual work objectives and budget allocation ($680-800k/year, plus revenue budget and other grants, shared responsibilities) • Supervising, directing, and assisting Field Crew lead and Middle Fork caretaker on projects, barbed wire fencing, flood irrigating, mowing, equipment and facilities care, snow plowing, weed control, etc.. Includes hiring, supervising, and evaluating program staff • Supervising operations and staff of the Native Plant Nursery • Partial management/coordination of Fish Biologist I (supervised from separate Program) with monitoring work on properties • Coordinating projects, sharing resources, and providing technical insights with co-workers, peers, agencies, organizations and Tribal administrators. • Participating in restoration project development with the John Day Watershed Restoration Program. • Writing memos, grants, reports, management plans, contracts, correspondence, environmental compliance documentation, program proposals, monitoring documents, and plans to communicate with the Tribes, BPA, and the public regarding project efforts • Project and facilities management, including writing bid packets, soliciting quotes from contractors or vendors, contractor/lessee inspections, documentation of contract progress, and regulatory monitoring during implementation. • Navigation of Tribal procurement policies in order to purchase supplies and equipment for the Program • Promote community outreach, public access to lands, website development, education, and volunteer opportunities • General supervision of conditions and maintenance needs of the Properties, oversight of grazing leases, property patrol, signs, kiosks, and the lead on the Program’s weed management, including obtaining and maintaining a minimum of a private Oregon Pesticide Applicator’s License, as well as leading and monitoring field crew in herbicide application work • Obtain and maintain a FAA Section 107 (drone pilot) license for aerial monitoring work • Communicate regularly with the Conservation Lands Program Supervisor (position supervisor, based in Warm Springs)
Position requires a Bachelor’s degree in land management, restoration ecology, biology, fisheries, or related natural resources field. Preference may be given to those candidates with backgrounds in aquatic habitat and/or land management. Requires three years’ experience in program management or related work, ideally with supervisory experience. Candidate must be willing to work with little supervision, in remote setting with rugged terrain and inclement weather. Office located in Prairie City, Oregon. The area is very rural, with 3+ hour drive time to larger cities (Boise or Bend). The Prairie City office is three hours’ drive from Warm Springs. Overnight travel is typically 4-10 nights per year. Must pass a drug screening and have a valid driver’s license with clean record. Compensation: Starting salary: $44,000 to $46,213 annually, depending on qualifications, plus excellent benefits. Full salary ranges up to $57,904 through annual merit increases. Optional housing is available, located about 45-minute drive from the office on the Dunstan Conservation Area. To apply, visit:, select Conservation Area Project Leader position #702107 (Biologist II level position).
Contact Person
Brian Cochran
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