Conservation Educator: New York

Orange County Water Authority (NY)
Orange County, New York
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Varies/Negotiable: based on # of classes, events attended, experience etc
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Job Description: This is an independent contracting position. Educator is responsible for maintaining their own office space, transportation, equipment, and insurance to carry out all the duties required of the position. The primary focus of the OCWA’s Conservation Education program is in-person, classroom-based educational outreach in schools throughout Orange County, NY. These programs are offered free to County schools and support and enhance grade level curriculum and learning standards, while focusing on water conservation, local and regional water resource management, and related environmental topics. In addition, educators lead and participate in other events, programs, conferences, and workshops throughout the year in different regional locations and capacities. Role & Responsibilities: • Independent lesson preparation & delivery of in-person outreach programs, including managing all materials, supplies, and equipment needed to carry out Conservation Education programs • Program planning, logistics, scheduling, and communication • Maintaining strong relationships with teachers, school administrators, regional organizations, and other professionals in the field • Independently participate in ongoing learning to stay up to date with current understandings and best practices in the field • Attendance at OCWA meetings via conference call or in-person at the OCWA offices in Goshen, NY as requested • Educator is expected to attend outside events to promote the Conservation Education program and educate students and citizens of Orange County - these sometimes take place on evenings or weekends
Qualifications & Skills: • Bachelor's or Master's degree in related field, such as Environmental Science, Education, Natural Resource Management, etc • Minimum 3 years experience working professionally in a related field - either in an educational role, working with youth in another capacity, or in a related scientific field. Internship and volunteer experience will be considered. • The ideal candidate is a gifted teacher with skills and experience working with diverse populations in educational settings. The role requires energy, enthusiasm, self-motivation, adaptability, creativity, and innovation. The OCWA Educator must uphold a welcoming presence where all people are valued, respected, and encouraged. • Educators represent the OCWA and must present with professionalism in their role at all times. • Depth of subject area knowledge and competency teaching children from early elementary up through high school, and sometimes at the college level, as well as to adults and the public • Strong verbal and written communication skills - Educator must correspond with and maintain relationships with teachers, administrators, and other professionals in the field, as well as participate in other aspects of the role that require strength in this area, including but not limited to giving presentations, writing proposals and grants, public speaking, developing written lesson plans, etc. • Highly organized with strong time-management and scheduling skills • Proficiency with relevant technologies and educational resources - for example, google suite, classroom technologies, social media, photography and video production • Candidate must submit to a background check and sign a contract with the OCWA • On the job training in schools with OCWA’s two Conservation Educators will be provided to orient and familiarize the new Educator with the breadth of the OCWA’s Conservation Education curriculum and other roles and responsibilities of the position.
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Eenika Cruz, Administrator
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