Conservation Research Program Director: Corvallis, Oregon

Institute for Applied Ecology
Corvallis, Oregon
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$5,373 - $5,893/month
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IAE is seeking a Program Director with a diverse skillset to manage our Conservation Research Program. The Conservation Research Program works with partners throughout the western US to enhance the restoration and conservation of native habitats and species. Our partners include federal, state and local government agencies, tribes, academic institutions, non-profits, consulting firms, volunteers, businesses, and many others. We conduct rigorous research and monitoring, and communicate results to land managers and others. Our projects range from short-term experiments to decade-long studies. Our overall goal is to conduct research leading to efficient, long-term conservation and restoration of native species and habitats and communicate our findings through planning and outreach. This Program Director currently supervises four year-round staff and multiple seasonal staff locally and in remote areas of Oregon, Idaho and California. Staff supervision includes hiring, training, managing staffing levels and workloads, and mentoring employee success and growth through problem-solving and professional development. The Program Director is responsible for all aspects of program administration, including fundraising, development and management of many project budgets, contracting, project coordination and implementation, and outreach through presentations, technical reports, peer-reviewed publications, and nontechnical communications. Program Directors provide support for organization-wide planning and project efforts, coordinate with and assist other programs with staffing and fundraising, and serve as a member of IAE’s management team. This position also develops relationships with partners to secure funding, gain access to research sites, and disseminate research findings. Currently funded research projects include rare plant species inventory and monitoring, plant and wildlife responses to habitat management, habitat restoration technique development, and rare plant reintroduction testing. The Conservation Research Program Director will continue existing grants and contracts, and will develop and obtain funding for new research projects relevant to IAE’s mission and in their areas of expertise. This position also may occasionally, and as funding permits, assist with research projects in New Mexico.
Job Responsibilities A) Program management (60%) • Supervises, trains, and mentors staff, oversees project deliverables, and manages program finances. • Develops and manages budgets and project work plans and maintains and develops new relationships with project partners. • Supervises and oversees hiring of program staff, including project manager(s), technicians and interns. Works with program staff to develop workplans and schedules, and mentors employee professional growth. • Prepares contracts and hires, schedules, and supervises contractors. • Implements projects in coordination with program staff and other program directors. B) Fundraising to support program (20%) • Leads fundraising to obtain majority of program support, assisted by Executive staff or other Program Directors. • Independently writes and contributes substantially to grant proposals, including cultivation of relationships, coordination with funders and project partners, and development of the project concept. C) Writing and communication (10%) • Writes and edits reports, publications, and other products. Edits written documents produced by other staff. • Effectively communicates in writing to anticipated audiences, including funders, members of the scientific community/peer-reviewed outlet, project partners, the public, etc. • Conducts tours, workshops, and presentations to professional organizations, funders, partners, and the public. D) Organization support and Collaboration outside IAE (10%) • Conducts, collaborates and communicates about research as the organization’s lead scientist. • Aware of larger organization processes via management team meetings. • Provides support to the organization and other Management Team members through fundraising, financial management or staff management. • Sustains existing relationships with partners and is responsive to requests for collaboration from new partners. Minimum qualifications • At least five years of relevant and related research and field experience in ecology (plant ecology, botany, wildlife biology or related field) (can be a combination of education and work). • Minimum of five years of relevant and related program management, personnel supervision/mentoring, fundraising and project management experience (primarily through work experience). May be concurrent with the above. • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and Google Suite. • Ability to work long hours in adverse weather conditions with potential exposure to poison oak. Ability to hike up to 3 miles carrying a 40-pound pack and work in a bent-over/kneeling/sitting position for long periods of time. • Positive attitude and excellent oral and written communication skills. • Record of successful and peer reviewed publication of scientific findings. • Demonstrated skills in statistics and experimental design, and ability to design simple to complex replicated experiments and use common and advanced statistical tools and models to analyze data and test hypotheses. • Current U.S. driver’s license and acceptable driving record. Desired skills, abilities and experience • Training and experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice topics, especially as they relate to the workplace and environmental conservation. • Graduate degree in ecology, botany, wildlife biology or related field. Individuals with a record of research success, MS and PhD degrees are encouraged to apply. • A record of funded grant proposals. • Able to plan, facilitate, and provide follow-up for group or public meetings. • Can create and implement ecological monitoring protocols for region wide multi-location projects based on project objectives and experimental design/statistics constraints. • Skilled in plant identification, with demonstrated ability to learn new species and families, familiar with plant families and use of dichotomous keys, able to identify suite of target species, and familiar with regional plant communities and habitat requirements for wildlife. • Able to use desktop and online-based GIS tools to make maps, display geospatial data, and routinely perform spatial analyses. Can use and train others in electronic data collection methods using tablets and other electronic devices via AGOL connected programs such as Survey123, Collector, or similar. • Fully proficient in data management and metadata capture, can use spreadsheets, relational databases and other tools to manage data and perform quality control, and has experience developing and implementing data quality assurance/quality control protocols. How to Apply To apply for this position: 1. Complete the online job application form. You will need the following information: a. Your contact information. b. When you would be available to start work. Preference will be given to applicants able to start by April 15, 2021. c. Contact information (phone and email) for three professional references (including at least one recent employer). d. Answers to specific online questions (we recommend you complete these offline, then paste into the application form). 2. Email your letter of interest, resume and an example of a recent publication or technical report for which you were lead author to with "IAE CR Director" in the subject line of the email. Letters of recommendation and additional writing samples may be requested for top applicants. Applications must be received by March 1, 2021. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Non-U.S. residents must also include a copy of their work visa. Applications will be considered upon receipt until the application deadline. Questions may be addressed to: Carolyn Menke, Deputy Director: For more information about IAE and this program, visit our website
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Carolyn Menke
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