Contract Biological Monitor-Wyoming

Clearway Energy Group
Fort Bridger, WY
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Full time Positions
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Mountain Wind Power, LLC and Mountain Wind Power II, LLC have been voluntarily using biological monitor(s) and active curtailment of turbines since July 2014 to help reduce potential impacts to eagles in our project areas. The primary function of this contract position is to identify, monitor, and observe eagles to facilitate appropriate curtailment (i.e. shutting down wind turbines) to prevent potential impacts to eagles. Field work will consist of long hours of monitoring and observing eagles, in various weather conditions throughout the year. Monitoring will occur at fixed points in the project area. Experience with binoculars, spotting scopes, range finders, and GPS units is required. The Monitor will work independently and must be able to communicate professionally with project staff in order to facilitate curtailment. Excellent focus and judgment is a must. Training will be provided. A vehicle will be provided for onsite travel only. The selected contractor must be able to work in the field for extended periods of time. Contractors will be responsible to supply food and water for the entire day; appropriate clothing for all weather conditions and required equipment must be on hand each day. Each contractor will be part of a team covering the plant during daylight hours, 365 days a year. Your schedule preferences will be considered prior to issue your schedule. Essential Duties/Responsibilities: • Identify high risk eagle flight behavior/pathways • Identify eagles and initiate and conclude curtailment events • Use sound professional judgment based on knowledge of the site and eagle behavior to determine when a turbine or group of turbines should be curtailed • Notify the remote operation desk, which controls the turbine operation, so that selected turbines can be curtailed prior to potential interaction with eagles • Effectively use binoculars, a spotting scope, range finder, and GPS to locate and record eagle sightings • Utilize and professionally maintain logbooks/datasheets following protocol. • Communicates information clearly both orally and written. Follows required communication protocols for two-way radio, telephone, and face to face communication. • Follows all safety protocols and guidelines • Actively participates in and completes all required training
Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree preferred in natural resources, wildlife management, wildlife biology; or equivalent experience. • Basic bird identification skills • Ability to work in various weather conditions throughout the year. • Maturity, professionalism and excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing with project manager and other staff • Proficient in use of binoculars, spotting scope, range finder and GPS • Must be able to stand and observe for long periods of time • Ability to read, write and understand English • Knowledge of applicable safety and environmental regulations Competencies • Demonstrates focused and attentive behavior • Maintains a current level of professional knowledge. • Ability to establish and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with all individuals. • Communicates openly and honestly. • Demonstrates professional behavior at all times. Education/Experience • Successful completion of all training requirements • Basic knowledge of bird identification • Two (2) or more years’ experience in field work preferred
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Doug Davis
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