Contract Student Fisheries Position, Fort Peck, Montana

U. S. Geological Survey
Fort Peck, Montana
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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The Student Contractor shall assist a U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) Project Scientist and other research team members in a research examining migrations, reproduction, and early life history of federally endangered pallid sturgeon in the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers of Montana and North Dakota. The Student Contractor shall be expected to assist in multiple field and laboratory activities including: using radio telemetry technology to identify locations and movements of pallid sturgeon, recording telemetry data on boat-mounted computers, capturing pallid sturgeon and other fishes using nets and trawls, collecting pallid sturgeon eggs, free embryos, and larvae, assessing habitat attributes used by pallid sturgeon, deploying and operating various instruments to assess habitat quality and water quality parameters, identifying larval fishes, data entry, and operating and maintaining vehicles and boats. The majority of work shall be performed in a field setting where boats shall be trailered to the river, and the Student Contractor shall be on-board the boat under a range of weather and temperature conditions. River conditions can be dangerous as high water velocities, debris, and obstructions are common. Physical demands during deployment of telemetry gear and fish sampling gear require heavy lifting (up to 50 pounds). Exposure to nuisance insects is expected. The Student Contractor is advised that continuous work in the field may persist for several weeks, and that work days will normally be greater than 8 hours. When not in the field, the Student Contractor shall work in an office or laboratory setting using computers and microscopes. The Student Contractor is responsible for all costs of transportation to and from the principal duty station location. The USGS shall provide Government transportation to and from the field investigation sites(s). The Government does not provide housing, meals or living expenses while residing at the principal duty station. Meals/cost of food/lodging while at field investigation sites shall be provided by the USGS in the same manner as for Federal employees, in accordance with the Government Travel Regulations. Starting and ending dates for the position are flexible depending on university class schedules.
The Student Contractor for this position must have completed two or more years of academic coursework in fisheries science, ecology, or a closely related discipline. Individuals who earned undergraduate or graduate degrees in these disciplines within the last year are also considered students eligible for the position although the pay rate is determined by the required level of education of two or more years of academic coursework. Knowledge is required in principles of fisheries ecology and aquatic ecology. Previous experiences using radio telemetry and fish sampling gears in rivers are desirable. Exceptional inter-personal skills are required. The Student Contractor must be a licensed driver, as operation of Government vehicles shall be required. Experience in operating boats on rivers, and routine maintenance of vehicles and outboard motors is desirable. Applicant selected for the Student Contract position shall be subject to a background investigation in accordance with U. S. Government Regulations.
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Dr. Patrick Braaten
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