Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Officer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

National Research Council of Canada
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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This position is classified as a Research Officer (RO), a group that is unique to the NRC. The RO group uses a person-based classification system instead of the more common duties-based classification system. Candidates are remunerated based on their expertise, skill, outcomes and impacts of their previous work experience. The salary scale for this group is vast, from $57,220 to $161,754 per annum, which permits for employees of all levels from new graduates to world renowned experts to be fairly compensated for their contributions.
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Your Challenge Do you want to have an impact on the global food industry? Can you find your purpose in areas such as vertical farming, production capacity and food sustainability? If putting your creative thinking towards adapting crops to simulated environments is where you want to be, we want to get to know you. We are looking for out of the box thinkers to take us into a new frontier of agriculture. This Research Officer (RO) position is purpose driven with the ability to have an impact on how food is produced in Canada. It supports NRC’s Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre (ACRD) and direct research projects that focus on controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The RO would be someone who shares our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Respect and Creativity. RO activities include the development of proposals for new research initiatives, project management, and providing service to NRC clients. The RO would also provide input into the overall direction and research priorities for program areas within the Research Centre. To support the goals of the NRC and the ACRD Research Centre, in the development of advanced agriculture technologies. The incumbent will collaborate with plant researchers in the areas of cell technologies, genomics, systems biology, physiology, pathology, below ground traits, microecology and analytical chemistry to accelerate crop design for CEA in range of Canadian environments. The RO will establish an international calibre research program focused on agriculture in controlled growth environments that incorporates plant phenomics and automation. The RO would be expected to translate discoveries into powerful new tools for enhancing plant research and high-density, soil-less, plant production in northern, isolated and urban environments with a focus on sustainability. The RO would work in a multi-disciplinary team environment with researchers and technical experts at NRC and would form collaborative research activities within Canada and internationally. It is expected that the RO will provide meaningful contributions to the ACRD Research Centre’s goal of providing solutions that enhance and increase the sustainability and long-term health of Canada’s agricultural industry with a focus on sustainable production for both northern and urban regions.
Please apply to this position via our website at . Screening Criteria Applicants must demonstrate within the content of their application that they meet the following screening criteria in order to be given further consideration as candidates. Expect to provide detailed answers to screening questions as part of the application process. Education PhD degree in science or engineering in a discipline related to horticulture engineering, controlled environment agriculture, biosystems engineering or related discipline. An MSc with relevant work-related experience and training would also be considered. Experience Successful candidates should take multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches that incorporate the greatest number of experience points below, clearly addressing these points in the screening questions with the support of a covering letter and curriculum vitae: 1. Experience conducting research in the field of controlled environment agriculture. 2. Experience in optimizing plant growth and health in controlled environments with a focus on industry-relevant applications. 3. Experience with control systems incorporating feedback control of environmental variables. 4. Experience with plant imaging or other sensing technology to monitor plants and their environment. 5. Experience with robotics and automation would be considered an asset. 6. Experience in project leadership and management, publication of high-impact research articles, and communicating scientific findings at international conferences. 7. Experience in working in multi-disciplinary teams involving both biological and engineering expertise. Condition of Employment Reliability Status Language requirements English
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Frederique Laniel
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