Coordinator, Urban Wildlife Information Network-Illinois

Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago, IL
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Lincoln Park Zoo is offering a coordination and administrative position as part of an exciting new multi-state initiative called the Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN), led by the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute (UWI). This network currently consists of eleven partnering agencies and institutions across the United States. These institutions are conducting synchronized urban wildlife research, and have a shared desire to ultimately use broad-scale data to provide the information necessary to create wildlife-friendly cities. UWIN will be growing to include more partners, including international partners, and thus there is a need for a full-time coordinator to help oversee this expanding network. Details of UWIN are at This is a two-year position with potential for extension. Research projects conducted across these partnerships primarily include the use of motion-triggered cameras to study mammals along urban to rural gradients, but may expand to include research on bats, birds, or other species. Most partners are also engaged in a significant number of outreach and/or citizen science programs. For one example see Primary tasks for this position include maintaining ongoing communication (e-mail, phone, Skype) between all partners, training new partners in research and data management techniques, writing grants, assisting in maintenance and management of the database used to process and store data, and coordinating and planning a large summit of partners to be held in 2019. The Coordinator is expected to assist in recruiting new partners to join the network from all around the world. Secondary tasks for this position may include participating in all aspects of ongoing research utilizing the UWIN network, including designing studies, analyzing data, writing manuscripts for publication and preparing oral or poster presentations for staff and scientific conferences. Essential Job Functions: • Coordinate and manage communications with both existing and prospective UWIN partners over e-mail, telephone, and Skype; organize, plan and occasionally lead quarterly conference calls between partners and other virtual meetings and events as required; • Provide expertise in the techniques used by UWIN to new members, including fieldwork methods and use of the database(s) used to manage UWIN data, and assisting with the development of new data management methods as needed; • Draft and edit guidelines and handbooks for UWIN partners on best practices and techniques; • Plan and coordinate a summit of UWIN partners and urban planners to take place in 2019; • Guide and mentor UWIN partners in building new outreach and participatory programs including websites such as Chicago Wildlife Watch; • Assist in writing and managing grants and other funding sources for UWIN; • Actively recruit prospective UWIN partners virtually, and at scientific professional conferences and other meetings as appropriate; • Communicate about research to varied zoo audiences, including donors, visitors, and program participants. Additional Responsibilities: • Travel for conferences and field projects; • Participate in fundraising activities for the Lincoln Park Zoo and/or Urban Wildlife Institute as necessary; • Perform other duties as assigned by the director of the Urban Wildlife Institute
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: • Possess strong administrative, computer, organizational (project management) and communication skills (written and spoken); • Successful candidates must have a background in biology or ecology, and must have demonstrated an ability to communicate research methods, ideally in urban settings; • Demonstrate a basic understanding of urban ecology for collaborative purposes; • Have a working knowledge of relational databases and data management sufficient to guide partners in the use of UWIN’s existing resources; • Proficient with Microsoft Access and Outlook; • Possess the ability to teach and mentor partners with a variety of skill levels through the process of building and maintaining a rigorous research program; • Demonstrate a commitment to wildlife conservation through management of wild and captive populations, and willingness to participate in the department’s team approach to conservation research projects; • Preference for those that possess experience with field work including the use of camera traps; • Preference for those that possess grant writing skills. Education Requirements: • MS in biology, ecology, wildlife biology, natural resources, or a related discipline is required. Field research and/or administrative experience would be preferred.
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Seth Magle
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