Cranes Research Internship-Wisconsin

International Crane Foundation, Inc
Baraboo, WI
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$567 per month plus housing
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Background: The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is a leader in the conservation of the world's 15 crane species and is dedicated to providing experience, knowledge, and inspiration to involve people in resolving threats to cranes and the ecosystems vital to their long-term survival. ICF's world headquarters is located just outside Baraboo, WI (one hour north of Madison, WI.) ICF exhibits the only collection in the world of all 15 species of crane. For more information about our conservation programs, please visit our website at Description: The North America Program at the International Crane Foundation is currently involved in studies of Greater Sandhill Cranes and re-introduced Whooping Cranes in the upper Midwest. Interns will assist in studying the foraging ecology, movements, and social behavior of these breeding and non-breeding cranes throughout central Wisconsin. Current Sandhill Crane projects include study of nest success and chick survival as it relates to different habitat variables, which will consist of observations of colored banded individuals, capture and banding of adult and juvenile cranes, and radio-telemetry. Whooping Crane work focuses on research of habitat use by breeding pairs, and movements and associations of juveniles and adults, particularly associated with the release of captive-reared chicks into the wild. There may also be opportunities to capture Whooping Cranes for banding and transmitter replacement. Radio tracking of free ranging Whooping Cranes will be required mainly in the central/southeastern part of the state; however, travel into others states may also be necessary. Other responsibilities include developing and presenting an independent research project, data entry, and ecosystem restoration work (prescribed burns, seed collection, and invasive species control) on ICF’s site. Opportunities may also be available for volunteering for the conservation education and aviculture staff at ICF.
Qualifications: B.S. or B.A. in biology or related field. Previous fieldwork and radio telemetry experience is preferred but not required. Tolerance is needed for working in difficult conditions and long field days (before sunrise to after sunset), often spent in vehicles. Individuals seeking graduate training are encouraged to apply. A valid driver’s license (USA or International) and an acceptable driving record are required. Written English and oral communication skills are necessary. All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States at the time they apply. Candidates without a work visa must obtain one before they will be considered for an internship. Duration and Salary: Anticipated dates are March 1st – November 30th 2019, $567/month plus housing in our International Guest House.
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Todd Holman
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