Data Engineer (Junior): Truckee, CA (Remote during COVID)

Conservation Science Partners
Truckee, CA (Remote during COVID)
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Conservation Science Partners (CSP; is seeking a Data Engineer (Junior) to support the technical work of conservation biologists and ecologists implementing projects in the U.S. and internationally. Conservation Science Partners is a leader in the fields of conservation biology and landscape ecology, working at the intersection of the latest computational technologies and the environmental sciences. We work in the exciting, complex, and fast-paced non-profit realm where the emphasis of projects is generally on terrestrial ecology and freshwater systems, with applications to human systems (e.g., land and water use, protected areas, social and environmental justice, end-user needs) using tools that include: data science and advanced analytics; disturbance, drought, impacts, or risk analysis; climate change vulnerability analyses; species occupancy and habitat modeling; and wildlife and ecological connectivity analysis, among others. The successful candidate will contribute to an internal culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, creativity, and experimentation, and help to advance the function, direction, and initiatives of the organization. The position will serve as part of a team of data scientists, software engineers, and ecologists working to solve large-scale problems through implementation of end-to-end software development workflows, machine learning, advanced statistical modeling, and cloud-based computing tools. This individual will work most closely with teams based in the Truckee, CA office, but will frequently interface with other teams and staff located across the country. Core responsibilities and skills for this position include: - Assisting staff data scientists and engineers with data processing and ingestion pipeline implementation, using a portable, reproducible science workflow that includes version control (git), containerized environments (docker), and cloud-based computational resources (e.g. Azure, Amazon Web Services, and/or Google Cloud platforms). - Developing backend geospatial data for web-based map applications. - Querying and engineering of features from a variety of data types (e.g., imagery, video, tabular, etc.) for training, validation, and testing datasets that will be ingested into statistical and machine learning models. - Supporting manuscripts, reports, proposals, professional presentations, and science communication tools. - High proficiency programming in Python, R. - GIS and web-based mapping tools (e.g. Google Earth Engine, Mapbox, CARTO, QGIS, ArcGIS, GDAL). - Familiarity with geospatial libraries in Python (e.g. pygdal, rasterio, fiona, geopandas). - Experience with Unix-based environments and shell-scripting.
Required qualifications: A BSc/BA in a relevant field, professional certificate, and/or 1-3 years of applied technical experience with programming, data munging, and cleaning tabular and geospatial data. How to apply: Please email a brief cover letter explaining how your goals, skills, and experience fit the core responsibilities of the role, as well as how your broader knowledge and experiences can contribute to our organizational culture and values. Include the names and contact information of at least three relevant professional references, as well as your resume, and send to: hiring@csp‐ Your cover letter, reference list, and resume should be compiled and sent as a single PDF file. Please indicate DATA ENGINEER (JUNIOR) in the subject line.
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