Deer Pen Manager: Texas

San Jose Ranch
Freer, TX
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San Jose Ranch is a 3000 acre whitetail and exotic hunting operation in Freer, Texas. We also have a running deer breeding operation with more than 130 head of deer. We are looking for someone to manage our deer breeding pens as well as take care of whatever is needed on the ranch. Must have experience with deer and taking care of animals. Duties they are assigned but not limited to -making sure deer in pens are healthy -tagging fawns/bottle feeding if neccesary -feeding deer pens in morning and afternoon -taking care of sick deer -assisting in AI program and moving deer. -filling feeders, making sure animals have feed -guide during deer season if needed
Reliability – at work on time every day – willing and ready to work hard at whatever is needed Commitment – to give animals the best care possible – to follow directions accurately Dependability – self-motivated & able to work with or without supervision as needed Discernment – ability to observe animals’ health and respond appropriately – detail-oriented Physically Fit – work in the heat for long hours and all-weather conditions – lift heavy objects (50 lbs. +) Patience – love & desire to work with animals – able to cooperate and communicate well with others – good attitude – flexible & able to adapt to changes Experience raising livestock will be greatly considered – as well as a desire to learn more about general animal husbandry. -for more info, send text message to (956) 342-9237 or email me at
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Robert Carlos
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