Desert Tortoise Field Leads: CA and NV

University of Nevada, Reno
San Bernardino Co., CA; Clark Co., Nevada;
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$16 - $20 / hr DOE
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
40 hr/wk April 12, 2021 - July 31, 2021 (multiple positions) April 12, 2021 - November 30, 2021 (multiple positions) Multiple field leads are needed to assist with Mojave desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) research at one field site near Barstow, CA and one field site near Boulder City, NV. Primary duties will be performed in the field and will include: (1) using radio telemetry or visual surveys to locate tortoises; (2) weighing, marking, and measuring tortoises; (3) assisting with ultrasound of female tortoises; and (4) locating and protecting nests. Field leads will primarily work in pairs and will coordinate and perform activities and monitor conditions in the field, ensuring that all protocols are followed appropriately. Additional duties may include blood and tissue collection, data entry, and vehicle and equipment maintenance. Collected data will be used to understand behavioral plasticity in nest site selection and sex ratios in relation to climatic conditions. Work will be physically demanding, requiring hiking 5 – 10 mi daily with a 30 lb pack in extreme temperatures. Schedules may include weekends and will likely include very early morning hours. Applications will be reviewed immediately and the positions will remain opened until filled.
Qualifications required: - Three years of college and three months of lab or field work experience; undergraduate degree in biology, wildlife science, or related field preferred. - Valid driver's license. - Physically capable of hiking multiple miles while carrying a 30 lb pack. - Willing to work weekends. - Able to record data consistently and accurately. - Able to follow explicit instructions relating to human and animal safety and field protocols. - Willingness to follow strict safety protocols regarding COVID-19 precautions and reporting policies. - Able to demonstrate proof of eligibility to work in the United States (for CA site). Additional desirable qualifications: Experience performing desert tortoise field research. Qualifications sufficient to merit Authorized Biologist status. Experience with 4wd vehicles and driving on unpaved roads. Application instructions: Email your personal statement and curriculum vitae to as soon as possible. Your personal statement should detail (1) your available start/end dates (start and end dates are somewhat flexible); and (2) your preference to work in California or Nevada. Your CV should include relevant work experience with number of hours per week, relevant undergraduate or graduate courses or professional training, and phone and email contacts for two professional references. Indicate whether you have held or been listed on relevant state or federal research permits.
Contact Person
Margarete Walden
Contact eMail
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