Developing Sterile Fishes for Introduced Species Control – Ph.D. Assistantship, University of Arizona

Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of Arizona, Tucson
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$18,995 per year plus out-of-state and most of in-state tuition wavers, health insurance and other benefits.
Last Date to Apply
Working closely with Federal, State Agencies and Universities to develop methods to produce sterile fish for nuisance species control and model potential effectiveness in Southwestern aquatic environments. Research will be conducted at hatchery/laboratory facilities and field sites in Southwest. Arizona’s diverse aquatic communities include desert springs, roaring canyon-bound rivers, and coldwater mountaintop streams.
M.S. in an aquatic discipline with strong skills/interest in aquaculture and quantitative techniques; outstanding recommendations; minimum GPA of 3.0; competitive GREs; do-it-yourself light plumbing/construction skills. Energetic, optimistic students that work well with people, and independently under challenging conditions are encouraged to apply. Contact by email S. Bonar with resume, references, and transcripts.
Contact Person
Dr. Scott Bonar
Contact eMail
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