Digital Communications and Design Internship – Florida

Gulf Islands National Seashore - National Park Service
Gulf Breeze, Florida
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Main goals for this position to accomplish: Support the Communications Office in sustaining a robust, active, and engaging internal and external communications supporting resource conservation at Gulf Islands National Seashore (GUIS). Work to be performed: • Develop content for the park’s communications platforms including social media, website, publications, and interpretive waysides and exhibits featuring relevant photos, videos, or other content • Conduct research to find stories, resources, or other content that is relevant to GUIS, which initiates conversation, interaction, or stewardship • Assist with the planning and implementing temporary volunteer teams including Alternative Spring Break and Winter Break groups and more • Contribute to the park’s visual library by taking photographs and videos with park equipment. • Develop engaging and relevant graphics for communications resources • Support public affairs and outreach activities as assigned Tools, equipment, and vehicles to be operated: The intern will be able to utilize the park’s photography equipment. Computer access will be authorized upon the completion of a background check. Operating a government vehicle is required. Work Schedule: Full-time: 40 hours per week. Work on weekends, nights and holidays may be required, but prior notice will be provided. Location where work will be performed: Parkwide; duty station will be Naval Live Oaks Area in Gulf Breeze, FL Physical/Natural Environment: From Mississippi to Florida the national seashore abounds with sparkling blue waters, beautiful sugar white sand beaches, historic forts, wildlife and coastal marshes. The seashore is home to the nests of four species of sea turtles, over 300 species of birds, and a diverse variety of marine wildlife including bottlenose dolphins. America’s largest national seashore, GUIS stretches for 160 miles along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and Mississippi, and includes barrier islands, maritime forests, bayous, and marine habitat. Summers are hot and muggy. Uniform: Closed toed shoes will be required for all work. Interns will be provided with a uniform shirt and hat that will be expected to be worn during field work. Khaki or brown pants will be required for all work performed in the field and are not provided by GUIS. Interns will be permitted to dress in business casual attire while performing office work. Uniform specifics will be included with the hiring packet. Interns should check with the supervisor for more information regarding acceptable uniform items. Provided – Not provided - Uniform shirt or polo Khaki or brown pants Uniform hat Close-toed shoes Benefits to the Intern: Through their work, this internship will increase the public’s understanding of Gulf Islands National Seashore’s cultural and natural significance. This internship can be considered a continuation of the education the candidate has received, or a stepping stone towards the candidate’s potential job field. The park staff works to ensure that internships are a mutually beneficial. Housing: Park housing may be available. Housing details and rates are available upon request.
Knowledge and Skills: • Desired candidate should have completed at least 12 hours of course work relating to journalism, media production, communications, or other similar academic programs. • Background knowledge of social media platforms, website development required. • Experience working with Adobe Creative Cloud assets. • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills. • Dedication to attention to detail. • Excellent oral and written communication and customer service skills. • Background knowledge of photography desired. • Ability to learn basic information about Gulf Islands National Seashore and the local area. • Ability to work unsupervised and independently. Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years old due to the nature of the funding source. Applicants must pass a government security background clearance prior to starting the internship. A personal vehicle is required. Physical requirements: An intern should expect sitting, typing, and working on a computer for long periods of time. Field work will include working in a variety of outdoor conditions and locations.
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Brent Everitt
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