Director of Conservation-California

Catalina Island Conservancy
Avalon, CA
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The Director of Conservation will report to the President & CEO. In turn, the Director will manage a Conservation Department, which will consist of approximately eight (8) staff members including a Conservation Operations Coordinator, Plant Conservation Manager, an Invasive Plant Program Manager, two (2) Plant Technicians, a GIS/IT Manager and two (2) Wildlife Biologists. Several of these positions manage a team of seasonal, part time, or full time employees, or volunteers. The organizational structure of the Conservation Department, as well as individual positions within it, may change, over time, to respond to the biodiversity and ecological needs of the land, and as a result of securing funding to strengthen programs and meet changing department and organizational goals. The Conservation Director will be responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the conservation management program, including but not limited to wildlife management, biological and cultural programs. The role requires an entrepreneurial spirit eager to create funding opportunities, and a business/programs model ideally suited for our Catalina field station. The Director will work closely with the President & CEO, and with the senior management team to achieve the mission and strategic goals of the Conservancy. The Director of Conservation will implement a conservation vision, which includes and elevates key aspects of conservation, with the goal of improving and maintaining the biodiversity and ecological health of Catalina Island. Developed using an adaptive management approach, the conservation program is comprised of the management of all aspects of wildlife, vegetation, rare species and habitat, small and large-scale restoration projects, wildlife and plant community monitoring, invasive and introduced species control, plant conservation, propagation and installation, and rare and endemic species surveys. Additionally, the Director will participate in and provide leadership of other habitat restoration projects related broadly to Santa Catalina Island, other Channel Islands and Southern California. This will include oversight of an annual Conservation and Education Symposium and leadership/participation in the Channel Islands Symposium held approximately every four years.
• Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing innovative conservation management programs. • Knowledge of a wide range of natural resource stewardship and land management issues; familiar with all aspects of conservation and land management, including understanding of legal, financial, regulatory issues involved in land conservation and wetland restoration/protection. • Strong experience in project and grant management. • Understanding of the range of bird, mammals, invertebrates that inhabit or are native to Catalina Island. • Ability to utilize GPS equipment, read detailed maps interpret aerial photos and navigate in the field. • Strong management experience in supervising (exempt and non-exempt employees, and volunteers). • Demonstrated skills in budget management and proposal/grant writing. • Strong natural history field skills (wildlife, birds, plants, geology, etc.) and familiarity with Southern California flora, ecology, indigenous cultures and natural history desirable.
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Michelle Badders
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