Director of Salazar Center for North American Conservation-Colorado

Colorado State University
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Colorado State University established the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) in 2008 to develop a comprehensive program of sustainability research, education, and outreach. The School has made major strides since its founding. Under the direction of world-renowned ecologist, Dr. Diana Wall, the School has created a sustainability minor, introduced thousands of students to basic sustainability concepts, mentored a large cohort of young scientists, seeded a wide array of innovative interdisciplinary research projects, and enhanced understanding of sustainability in our local community. The School is home to three centers of excellence – Africa Center, Global Biodiversity Center, and Salazar Center for North American Conservation – as well as the international organization Future Earth. More than 100 affiliated faculty members make up a dynamic ecosystem of scholars pursuing solutions to the environmental, social, and economic challenges that must be overcome to achieve sustainability. The Salazar Center Director will engage the world’s leading experts in conservation, and the sciences relevant to conservation, in an ongoing process of trans-disciplinary dialogue, assessment, and problem solving. The Director will design and implement programs that join public and private-sector stakeholders, researchers, and students in the co-generation of knowledge and the co-design of new approaches and strategies for effective conservation in the face of significant and ongoing environmental and societal changes.
Required Job Qualifications •Bachelor’s degree in public policy, law, or scientific discipline relevant to conservation •Understanding of the issues and challenges associated with the development and implementation of successful conservation efforts in North America •Understanding of global environmental change and sustainability issues, integrated systems thinking on socio-environmental interactions and sustainable solutions, and how these concepts relate to North American conservation challenges •Experience interacting with policymakers •10+ years of experience in management or scientific leadership in a conservation organization, government agency, non-government organization, or research institution •Strong organizational development skills •Strong financial and human resources management skills •Experience in building partnerships and working with stakeholders •Experience and proven track record in fundraising and resource mobilization •Excellent communications skills •Fluency in English Preferred Job Qualifications •Advanced degree (i.e., Masters, PhD, or JD) and significant experience in public policy, law, or scientific discipline relevant to conservation •Proven track record in the development and implementation of successful conservation policies and practices in North America •Experience in overseeing and leading organizational development •Demonstrated ability to facilitate agreement among diverse stakeholders and develop effective organizational partnerships •Fluency or competency in Spanish
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