District Wildlife Biologist – Virginia

The Department of Wildife Resources
Augusta Virginia
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Full time Positions
Starting @$53,000
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This position is responsible for implementing Wildlife Resource Division and Agency programs in a five county district consisting of Alleghany, Augusta, Bath, Rockbridge, and Highland counties and independent cities located within VDWR administrative Region 4. Responsibilities range from basic to advanced-level competencies in performance of duties to support of agency plans and guidance influencing wildlife populations, wildlife-associated recreation, wildlife habitats, and human-wildlife conflict on private and public lands. Employee routinely works independently to plan and conduct work activities but receives supervision/direction from Regional Wildlife Manager.
Minimum Qualifications Technical-oriented KSAs include knowledge of wildlife ecology, biology and management, identities and characteristics of animal and plant communities, and of techniques required to manipulate wildlife populations and habitats. Additional, management-oriented KSAs include sound business judgment, effective communication and interpersonal skills, ability to constructively resolve conflicts, good decision-making, problem solving and proficiency in planning and coordination as part of a team or working independently. Successful employees should demonstrate competency to: 1. Apply scientific principles and technical knowledge to wildlife management and research projects. 2. Make practical recommendations and decisions and accurately assess their impact; establish priorities sensibly and exhibit cost awareness. 3. Effectively communicate ideas verbally or in writing as required to perform the job; understand and correctly interpret communications; actively participate in and contribute to group discussions; prepare clear and concise written communications; demonstrate effective verbal communications with staff and constituents. 4. Form collaborative and respectful relationships with supervisors, constituents and co- workers; give and receive constructive feedback; objectively interact well with other organizational units; build effectively on the ideas of others. 5. Prioritize tasks and adjust work to respond accordingly; Help plan, organize and coordinate work schedules. 6. Work in a manner that prioritizes the mission, programs and services of the agency; follow agency policies and practices; anticipate and correct unproductive or unsafe practices. 7. Analyze and solve problems by gathering information, investigating validity, and determining the consequences of actions and soundness of decisions. 8. Resolve conflict constructively. 9. Use modern computer software packages such as MS Office, Access, ESRI ArcGIS, Program R, Program Mark or similar software. High school diploma or GED along with considerable experience in wildlife conservation and management required. Possession of, or eligibility for, a valid VA driver’s license required. Preferred Qualifications A Bachelor’s degree in wildlife or natural resources management, or a closely related field and related experience in wildlife or natural resources management or research. Professional field experience in research and management is desirable. A MS degree in wildlife or natural resources management, or a closely related field, may substitute for some of the required experience.
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