East Texas Deer Farm Internship

High Roller Whitetails
Center, Texas
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High Roller Whitetails is looking for a hard-working individual to join the HR team this summer and possibly fall. High Roller Whitetails is one of the premier whitetail breeders in the country located in the heart of East Texas. This individual would be assisting the team with day-to-day operations on the farm, with their main responsibility being bottle raising fawns. This would include the following: Making milk Feeding vaccinating administering medications cleaning organizing Day to day fawn health care. Other responsibilities that would be included in this internship would be: Tagging Fawns Assisting team with day-to-day herd health of the adults Cutting antlers administering IV's Learning how to use dart guns Fogging for Midges Feet trimming AI Embryo Work Relocating Bucks Weaning We are looking for individuals not afraid of work and long hours. This job can be 7 days a week with long summertime days.
A degree or perusing a degree in an Animal Science field or Wildlife Science. Preferred to have some sort of animal husbandry skills already in place that have a general idea of good animal health. Work possibly 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day. You do receive time off during the summer but need to be prepared for anything. Full time employment may be an option but only after completing a full internship that goes through the fall. Please email me your resume for the application process. No Pets allowed.
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Verona Butler
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