East Texas Wildlife Technician Volunteer-Texas

Nacogdoches, TX
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This position will help TPWD staff trap and track eastern wild turkey and white-tailed deer on public and private lands. Associated responsibilities will include scouting for sign, baiting at potential trap sites, monitoring trail cameras for presence/absence of target animals, deploying traps, and working-up trapped animals. You will also assist with white-tailed deer browse utilization surveys, eastern wild turkey gobble count surveys, and feral hog control efforts. Additionally, on our east Texas Wildlife Management Areas you may have opportunity to perform habitat management activities including prescribed burning (with NWCG qualification), mowing, disking, herbicide application, adjusting water-control structures in wetlands, and timber-cruising/marking operations. Also, you may perform administrative duties including filing monthly activity and vehicle reports, and compiling, entering, and reporting technical biological data. Volunteers must be able to safely operate various types of vehicles including trucks, UTVs, tractor/implements, and equipment including powered and non-powered hand-tools, compass, smartdevices, and GPS units. You will potentially perform work activities under harsh field conditions in marshes, swamps, thickets and forests which are home to dangerous wildlife including alligators, feral hogs, venomous snakes and biting insects. Also, trapped animals will likely be immobilized with hobbles rather than chemical sedation so you must be willing to help control responsive animals. Your duties also may require you to discharge a firearm. Also, you will perform additional duties as assigned and comply with all Agency, Division, and Branch rules, regulations, and procedures. You will be provided free housing to include basic furnishings such as a bed, shower, kitchen, restroom, etc…and a work truck and tools to perform official duties. Finally, this opportunity is to help college students enrolled in a Wildlife, Forestry, and/or Natural Resource Management field of study earn required degree course credits. Volunteers will possibly work up to 32 hours/week, including nights, weekends, and/or holidays, for the duration of their University’s spring semester, 2019. To be eligible, applicants will be required to submit a copy of their most current transcript to show proof of college and program enrollment, submit to a criminal background check, and a driving record check. Selected applicants must be flexible as TPWD staff will need to schedule their work to optimize productivity and efficiency. TPWD will provide volunteer insurance for volunteer-related incidents.
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Bill Adams
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