Eastern Whip-poor-will Field technician

The Ohio State University
Ohio and Michigan
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
approx $2,300/mo.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We are seeking 2 field technicians for a project examining the distribution and diet of Eastern whip-poor-wills in the Midwest. Field work will consist of conducting surveys for whip-poor-wills, capturing individuals for diet sampling, and trapping moths to assess food availability. In addition, technicians will assist with data entry and management. Work will take place throughout the breeding distribution of whip-poor-wills in Ohio and Michigan. Field work will primarily take place around sunrise and sunset, as well as during night-time hours. Extensive travel to sites will be involved, sometimes requiring camping. Position lasts approx 2.5mo.
Qualifications: • Extensive experience with bird banding, including extraction, set up and take down, safe handling, and collecting morphological measurements. At least one of the individuals must possess sufficient experience to be sub-permitted on state and federal banding permits. • Willingness to spend extensive hours outdoors, including during nighttime hours. • Ability to identify birds North American birds by sight and sound. • Ability to drive a state vehicle.
Contact Person
Christopher Tonra
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