Ecological and Sustainability Assistant – Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

La Crosse, WI
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$335.56/week Living Stipend, $2,474.27 Education Award
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Position Service Site: Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Service Time: June 6, 2022 – August 26, 2022 (450 Hour AmeriCorps Term) (40 hours/week) (12 weeks) Benefits: Living stipend total for whole term = $4,026.72 (335.56 per week) Education Award = $1,718.25 upon successful completion of service. Requirements: Covid-19 vaccine required. OVERVIEW: Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration’s goal is to provide young environmental leaders with the opportunity to gain relevant professional experience that serve the environment and the community by supporting healthy urban and rural ecosystems. In addition to building more sustainable practices within the St. Rose convent, FSPA has 200 acres of land with a greenhouse, garden, and orchard on St. Joseph Ridge, just outside La Crosse, that serves as an education model in the community. SERVICE DESCRIPTION: AmeriCorps Members assist living out the commitment to care for Earth by helping restore native ecosystems on the grounds of FSPA, assisting the Office of Integral Ecology in researching and promoting regenerative ways of living and working, providing education and outreach to the congregation and the communities in which they serve, managing programs to support their mission and engaging in community with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. RESPONSIBILITIES: Community Improvement • Willingness to learn the impacts of climate change on the Driftless region and help educate others how to mitigate those impacts and build a resilient community. • Collect and track the congregation’s greenhouse gas emission and provide information and educational support supporting the Sisters’ Laudato Si Commitment. • Support the development and implementation of the FSPA Laudato Si Action Plan (Climate Action Plan) • Increase environmental awareness and promote sustainability through community outreach events. • Design and implement at least one program on sustainable business practices (recycling, print management, food procurement, etc…) sharing what you’ve learned with members of the local community; may present to the FSPA community towards the end of service. • Identify and develop virtual resources related to climate action in the Driftless region. • Create multiple “kits” for projects related to the FSPA Laudato Si Action Plan; provide kit training and support documentation. Topics may include nature identification, gardening/microgreens, water impact and carbon footprint calculation kits. • In the case of natural disasters AmeriCorps member may be recruited to assist the community. Programming • Research programs that foster achievement of the FSPA Laudato Si Action Plan and work to advance FSPA Laudato Si project goals. • Assist FSPA land projects working in the garden, greenhouse, orchard, woodlands and prairies. • Assist with garden preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, field clean up, mulching, row covers and end of season maintenance. • Assist with habitat management and restoration of native prairie, forest, oak savanna and natural waterways. • Assist with invasive species identification, timber stand improvement, prairie and tree plantings, and water diversion strategies. • Assist with designing, improving, and updating kiosks, signs, and brochures as related to the FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge • Work with local schools and universities to create community-focused water and soil monitoring program, building a more regenerative land system and working on a greenhouse gas inventory. Program Marketing • Help create or curate simple “how-to “videos, including but not limited to sustainable lifestyles, recycling, composting, natural landscape restoration, etc. • Assist in the development of FSPA eco education programs including lesson planning, activity development and teaching and developing educational materials. • Track progress and develop reports on specific sustainability and environmental measures. Volunteer Recruitment • Develop partnerships with local and regional partner organizations to learn and implement best practices for environmental sustainability and climate resiliency. • Create an outreach plan to connect with local and regional environmental and eco-justice organizations to promote FSPA land and EcoAction projects. • Assist in recruitment, training, and management of FSPA land volunteers for stewardship and service projects including trail work, garden, orchard, greenhouse, woodland and prairie restorative projects. Volunteers are all ages, • Assist in volunteer and activity tracking, for continual program improvement.
QUALIFICATIONS: • A team player and good communicator with flexible attitude and eagerness to learn • Physically active and able to life at least 30 lbs. with stooping and bending • Able to work in all weather conditions conducive of Wisconsin • Physically able to work long days outside on steep, rugged terrain. • An intrepid sense of curiosity and enthusiasm about research • Willing to interact inter-generationally and inter-culturally • Ability to take direction and accept constructive criticism • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks • Attention to detail and organizational skills • Strong sense of responsibility and follow-through • Education and/or experience in land conservation, ecological restoration, sustainability, and climate resilience a plus • Technology proficient in platforms such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office
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Holly Pierro
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