Ecological Field Tech – Southern Utah

Utah State University / BLM
Henry Mountains, Utah
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
12.50 / hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
2023 March 4-12. This position is for Temporary Field Technicians in the Henry Mountains desert foothills, for approximately +/- 4 days. Food will be provided, but the technician(s) will have to camp at the research site. This research project focuses on rangeland ecology, specifically, the effects of herbivores on plant communities in rangelands that are heavily managed for livestock production. This work is in collaboration with Utah State University and the Bureau of Land Management.
Minimum Qualifications: -Interest and experience in wildlife ecology, conservation, or related field. -Enthusiasm for observing cute/cool animals for extended periods at a time. -Familiar with navigation by maps, compass, and GPS. -Willingness to work long and irregular hours, sometimes in the summer heat and/or inclement weather. -Ability to work well in a small team in remote settings without reliable access to cell service (you will not be able to check in frequently, though accommodations will be made daily to do so). -Organized, detail-oriented, strong work ethic, and evidence of independent problem- solving/troubleshooting ability. -Ability to maintain a positive attitude and a growth mindset about project setbacks and/or physical exertion and discomfort. -Experience in outdoor leadership and/or backcountry travel, including leave-no-trace camping ethics. Preferred Qualifications: -Completed or near completion of a Bachelor's degree in wildlife ecology or related field. -Hiking and backpacking experience. -Knowledge of and experience with wilderness first aid techniques. -Flexible schedule.
Contact Person
Shantell Garrett
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