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Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
Ely, NV
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The Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition (ENLC) is hiring an Ecological Monitoring Crew Lead to lead monitoring activities on US Forest Service managed lands on the Ely Ranger District. This project is funded through a Cooperative Agreement between the Forest Service and ENLC. The position will begin in April and continue into September with potential opportunities to work beyond. The position will be based out of our headquarters in Ely, NV, while the fieldwork will take place in the Grant-Quinn, White Pine, Snake, and Schell Creek mountain ranges of eastern Nevada. ECOLOGICAL MONITORING CREW LEAD DUTIES: ·Effectively lead and manage a 3 person crew ·Hike up to 10 miles a day to remote plot locations in a myriad of conditions including: heat, cold, rain, sleet, and snow ·Train, oversee, and collect ecological data using several methods including: Line Point Intercept, Line Intercept, Nested Frequency, and Percent Cover ·Coordinate with Project Manager to most efficiently, effectively, and safely conduct ecological monitoring activities ·Drive large, high clearance 4x4 trucks to plots using remote, two track roads in mountainous and variable terrain ·Navigate to plots using hand held GPS receivers ·Identify Great Basin plants to the species level using dichotomous keys and field guides ·Ability to work and camp 8 consecutive 10-hour days in field conditions that are highly variable ·Perform regular data QA/QC ·Maintain safe and efficient working habits including situational awareness and sound judgement SALARY: $24/hour (plus $40/day per diem when camping) SCHEDULE: This position‘s schedule is eight 10-hour days on (80 hour work period), followed by 6 days off. This schedule increases efficiencies by reducing drive times to and from our office. While in the field, the crew will truck camp in remote locations. A small amount of overtime hours are allotted per work period to conduct data QA/QC upon returning from the field. Housing is not provided, although due to the 8-on, 6-off schedule, most crews travel during their off days. ABOUT ENLC: The ENLC is in Ely, Nevada and is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to restoring the dynamic, diverse, resilient landscapes of the arid and semi-arid West for present and future generations. It accomplishes this through education, research, advocacy, partnerships, and the implementation of on-the-ground projects. Through cooperative agreements, grants, contracts, and memberships, ENLC works diligently with its partners to restore these fragile, yet resilient, ecosystems. ABOUT THE AREA: Nestled in the heart of eastern Nevada’s Great Basin, ENLC is headquartered in Ely, NV. While the area is remote and sparsely populated, eastern Nevada has incredible outdoor recreation opportunities for the adventurous, including over 700,000 acres of designated wilderness. Hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, disc golfing, fishing and hunting are a small sampling of the area’s outdoor activities. Over 90% of the county is publicly owned. This includes lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and the National Park Service. Great Basin National Park is an hour from Ely, providing spectacular hikes, vistas, and camping retreats from 6,200 to 13,159 ft, the summit of Mt. Wheeler (the tallest peak in the area). No matter your preferred outdoor activity, eastern Nevada has something for everyone.
Qualifications: ·Bachelor’s degree in botany, ecology, natural resources, environmental science or a related field ·At least 2 field seasons of experience as a crew lead conducting ecological or related data collection ·Strong leadership skills with emphasis on safety and data quality ·Knowledge and experience using ecological/vegetation sampling methods ·4x4 Driving proficiency and a clean driving record for the past 3 years ·Familiarity with the flora of the Great Basin ·Backcountry experience
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Gregory Gust
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