Ecological Monitoring Field Technician (Las Vegas, NV)

Great Basin Institute
Las Vegas, NV
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$18-20/ hr
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
GBI is recruiting Ecological Monitoring Vegetation Field Technicians to work with GBI and BLM staff. Each Field Tech will work with one other technician under the supervision of a Field Lead to characterize vegetation using the terrestrial AIM core methods. In some instances, Habitat Assessment Framework (HAF), and/or other supplemental protocols will be performed, for which training will be provided. Aside from core AIM sampling, any supplemental protocols implemented will vary by project. Duties include following established field protocols to perform vegetation sampling and field data collection at new and existing sampling plots. Data will be used by resource specialists and land managers to inform decisions regarding land management at various temporal and spatial scales. During field work, car camping for 7 night “hitches” in remote locations will typically be required. Field work will include: • Maintaining safety awareness and practices; • Extensive 4x4 driving on unmaintained roads; • Navigating off-trail to sampling sites; • Establishing sampling plots and transects; • Collecting vegetation data (including species inventory, forb diversity, species abundance, sagebrush shape, foliar cover, canopy gap, and herbaceous and woody heights); and • Taking photo-points. Additional duties include: • Regular communication with GBI support staff and agency staff; • Participation in GBI and agency trainings; • Entering data into both Field Maps and Survey 123 software; • Identifying plants to species using dichotomous keys; and • Employing extensive QA/QC data checks. Compensation and Benefits: Total approximate compensation: $3,600-$3,920/month before taxes (including benefits the approximate hourly equivalent: $22.5-24.5/hour), plus health insurance (monthly premiums fully paid by GBI) and paid time off. Breakdown: • $18-$20/hour depending on experience • $150 bi-weekly housing stipend* • $30 per diem for every night camped in the field (up to 7 units in an 8 day work week) • Affordable Care Act Compliant Health insurance including vision and dental provided at no cost to the employee starting the first day of the month following employment start date. • Paid federal holidays • Paid personal time off (amount dependent on contract length) Start Date: February 15th
Experience, education, or a combination in botany and/or range management to meet the following: • Bachelor’s degree in botany, biology, ecology, or rangeland ecology or other natural resources. • At least 9 semester hours in plant or biological sciences. AND/OR • A minimum of 1 year field data collection identifying plants.
Contact Person
Katharine Lynch
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