Ecological Monitoring Soil Technician

Great Basin Institute
Las Vegas, NV
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$23-$25 per hour, depending on experience
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
GBI is recruiting two Ecological Monitoring Soil Technicians to work with GBI and BLM staff, in the California Desert District. Each Soil Technician will work on a 2 person field crew under the supervision of an Ecological Monitoring Soil Scientist. Each soil crew will collect a NASIS (National Soil Information System) quality Soil Pit Description. This in an effort to assist the NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) with soil mapping and ecological site development in the hot deserts of California. Sites within the DRECP (Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan)/CDD (California Desert District) designs will be completing NRCS Soil Pedon Descriptions. A comprehensive soil pit description will be completed at each site using the NRCS Soil Pedon Description Form 232. This will be done at randomized sample locations across the DRECP/CDD areas where standard AIM data is also being collected by a separate crew. This crew will be a dedicated soils crew. In addition, the soil crew will also collect soil sample voucher collections for three specified plots determined by the BLM.
Experience, education, or a combination of the two in natural resources and field data collection to meet one or both of the following: • B.A./B.S in a natural resource field such as soil science, geosciences, environmental science, ecology, biology, natural resource management, or a closely related field • At least 9 semester hours in soil science classes. AND/OR • A minimum of 1 year field data collection describing soils. • Any of the 4 certifications from the Soil Science Society of America may substitute for education or experience.
Contact Person
Katharine Lynch
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