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WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR The BEMP Ecologist is an integral member in data collection, processing, entry, and checking for all BEMP datasets so that the data are ready to be passed on for analysis and reporting. They are a mentor and educator for students, K-12 and University. They oversee students collecting data in the field and engage them through environmental education activities or lessons relevant to the Middle Rio Grande and riparian systems. The Ecologist also assists students and/or interns in data processing and materials preparation. They collaborate with other BEMP staff to support and participate in BEMP events and work directly with the Science Manager to address field and data needs. RESPONSIBILITIES ● Field Related-- ● Participate in the data collection with staff, K-12, and university students for monthly monitoring and arthropod pitfall trapping data collections. ● Participate in the collection of the following BEMP data sets in coordination with the Science Manager: ○ Temperature logger deployment and collection ○ Pressure Transducer deployment and collection ○ Fuel Load/Woody Debris data collection ○ Cottonwood Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) monitoring ○ Conduct GPS surveys of BEMP sites on an as needed basis ○ Tamarisk Leaf Beetle (TLB) monitoring ○ Water Quality monitoring ● Maintain trail systems across sites so students and staff can access collection materials safely ● Maintain site integrity, replace missing or vandalized materials ● Assist in other field related tasks as needed (e.g., Rapid Assessment, new site installation) ● Maintain and organize data collection equipment Education/Outreach Related-- ● Provide educational instruction to K-12 student groups in the bosque while collecting data ● Assist in BEMP report writing ● Assist with planning and participating in major BEMP events: ○ Crawford Symposium ○ BEMP Congress ○ Fall Field Tour Office/Lab Work-- ● Participate in processing the following datasets in the lab: litterfall, tamarisk leaf beetle, surface active arthropods ● Enter and organize data that have been downloaded or from field and lab data sheets into digital databases for the following datasets: litterfall, water quality monitoring, vegetation surveys, surface active arthropods, tamarisk leaf beetle, fuel load, DBH, temperature loggers, and pressure transducers ● Track the progress of datasets through tracking forms as data are collected, entered, or checked ● Gather and check in all litterfall collected, dry it in the drying ovens and organize for processing ● Gather and check in all arthropods collected, place them in the freezer for later processing ● Alert the Science Manager of any missing data or data abnormalities ● Calibrate water quality monitoring equipment as needed ● Gather and disseminate equipment for upcoming data collections Other-- ● Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director, Science & Research Director, and Science Manager ● Participate in meetings with partner organizations ● Create relationships with partners ● Be a mentor to students and interns Additional Opportunities: Education/Outreach Related-- ● Assist with the Bosque Internship course taught at UNM (mainly in-field and lab classes). ● Prepare oral or poster presentations on a variety of topics or datasets to be presented at conferences, events for the general public, or scientific community. Other-- ● Sit on the Risk Management Safety Team designated to establish and create safely guidelines
QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS ● At least 4 years of combined education and/or experience in science, education, or related environmental field. ● A strong foundation of ecological knowledge in either or both an Indigenous or Western science perspective (southwest riparian ecosystems preferred). ● Demonstrated ability to write clearly and succinctly for a variety of audiences including an aptitude to communicate scientific concepts. ● Must successfully pass both driving and criminal background checks.
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