Ecology Assistant – Fort Collins, CO

NPS Ocean and Coastal Resources Program
Fort Collins, Colorado (with potential for remote work)
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$525.00/week =$27300.00
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Project Description: NPS Regional Natural Resource Chiefs identified sea level rise as a priority topic for ocean and coastal National Parks. The purpose of this internship is to work with coastal parks to help them understand and plan for sea level rise (SLR) issues in their units, to educate their visitors, and to help park resource managers consider options for implementing the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework as it relates to SLR. The intern will work to further several goals associated with this topic, including: 1) Providing ocean, coastal and Great Lakes parks with SLR information, tools (e.g., sea level rise web resilience/adaptation tools as well as local sea level rise data and modeling that can be used to investigate park specific scenarios and vulnerabilities). This information may be shared and communicated with parks in a variety of ways, including developing materials to be posted on NPS websites, briefs, virtual or in-person training sessions or workshops for park and regional personnel, or other creative methods that the intern may bring to the table. 2) Providing education and outreach to parks and visitors about local SLR impacts, how parks are addressing these impacts, and how visitors or community residents can make a difference. 3) Providing information related to the SLR and the RAD framework, including options available to park managers to address SLR impacts through such means as restoration, building resilience, and pro-actively adapting to existing and projected changes. 4) Collaborating with other ocean and coastal project personnel (e.g., coastal restoration) to synthesize SLR resources focused on resilience and adaptation planning as related to ocean and coastal park resources (natural, cultural and recreational). Work Products: 1) Update and disseminate SLR information and tools to parks and stakeholders to allow them to better plan for SLR impacts. Products may include updating websites and online mapping, holding webinars or workshops, or other related informational tools. 2) Develop park-specific outreach tools to educate new park personnel and visitors about local SLR impacts, how the park is pro-actively addressing SLR, and how visitors or community residents can make a difference. Anticipated products include SLR displays that can be tailored to specific park resources and conditions and interactive and web-based products. 3) Synthesize SLR resources focused on resilience and adaptation planning as related to ocean, coastal and Great Lakes park resources (natural, cultural and recreational). Products may include online resources (summaries and links to related research and management), case studies, mapping, or other products that parks may find useful. 4) Compile and develop materials that will help parks build resilience and integrate climate change and SLR projections into their planning and prioritization (e.g., assess likely ecological impacts of SLR at parks; model pathways for marsh and other coastal habitat migration/shifts; and develop a literature database focused on projected coastal biota range/distribution changes associated with SLR for use in considering needs to maintain/restore habitat for TES species and other critical ecosystem functions).
Currently pursuing or completed a degree in Climate Change, Oceanography, Coastal/Marine Ecology, Coastal Engineering or Modelling, Coastal Processes or related field with a basic understanding of ecology. Advanced GIS skills and experience with ArcGIS online (managing, publishing, and editing hosted features, creating web maps) and/or programming/modeling preferred; experience with natural resource/science communication also would be helpful. Must be good at written and oral communication, be self-directed, and be able to work well both independently and with others.
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Eva DiDonato
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