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The International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA)
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Ursus is the official, peer-reviewed scientific journal on the world’s 8 species of bears that is published online only by Allen Press and BioOne on behalf of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA). It includes articles on all aspects of bear management and research worldwide (https://www.bearbiology.org/iba-publications/ursus/). In addition to manuscripts reporting original research, submissions may be based on thoughtful review and synthesis of previously reported information, innovative philosophies and opinions, and public policy or legal aspects of wildlife conservation. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and subject to rigorous editorial standards. However, a prospective Editor-in-Chief should be prepared to work with authors to elevate manuscripts to the necessary scientific standard suitable for publication in Ursus, especially for some authors who do not have English as a first language. Job description and qualifications • Oversee all aspects of managing manuscripts, editing, and production of the journal Ursus. • Maintain a high-quality board of Associate Editors. • Serve as Chair of the IBA Publications Committee. • Keep IBA Officers and Council fully informed regarding publication issues and consults with them when necessary. • Manage the Ursus electronic submissions website in association with Allen Press. • Maintain relations with electronic databases to which Ursus subscribes. • Maintain communication with a contracted technical editor. • Maintain necessary databases for calculating publication charges and other pertinent information on acceptance rates, publication times, and other useful data. • Ensure that all papers published by Ursus are of high scientific merit and value for bear management and conservation by: o Conducting an initial check on submitted manuscripts for appropriateness and content. o Selecting an appropriate Associate Editor for each manuscript. o Works with Associate Editors to select appropriate peer reviewers for each manuscript. o Supervising the process of peer review, providing advice and consultation to all parties as needed. o Making final decisions regarding acceptance and rejection of all submitted manuscripts. o Making final edits as necessary on all accepted papers. o Working with technical editor and publisher on publication issues, including  Preparing an invoice for publication charges, to be sent to IBA for billing  Sending a notice to the corresponding author after a paper has been published  Notifying BioOne about papers that are to be open access. • Promote the vitality of Ursus by: o Encouraging submissions. o Developing special issues in timely topics o Ensuring that the review process is fair, helpful, and as quick as possible. o Striving for publication of a diversity of papers, including all bear species o Encouraging relevant citations to other papers in Ursus to help maintain or bolster the impact factor. o Provide leadership on new ideas regarding open access, use of color figures, supplementary material, and financial structuring. • Average number of submitted manuscripts: 30 to 40 per year. • Average time commitment: 10 to 15 hours/week.
Job qualifications include: • Scientific and technical expertise sufficient to assess the merit of manuscripts dealing with a wide variety of subjects related to bear biology, including (but not limited to) population dynamics, habitat relations, human-wildlife conflicts, genetics, physiology, human-dimensions, and wildlife conservation policy. • Excellent English-language technical writing skills. • Excellent communication skills (largely by e-mail). • Ability to resolve conflicts among professionals, mediate disputes, and provide constructive solutions. Desired qualifications include • Ph.D. degree in biology, wildlife management, zoology, environmental studies, or related field. • In-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the biology, ecology, management, and conservation of bears. • Extensive record of publishing in peer-reviewed literature. Although not a requirement, previous editorial experience will be highly evaluated. Compensation US$ 16,625 annually. With the approval of the IBA Council, travel expenses to periodic IBA conferences may also be provided. The incumbent will be expected to provide their own office, computer, internet, and necessary office supplies. There are no additional monetary or in-kind benefits. Application and selection process IBA encourages interested candidates to send a letter of interest with a short description of their qualifications, as well as a current C.V. to Jennapher Teunissen van Manen, IBA Director of Transition, at admin@bearbiology.org no later than 5 July 2021. IBA will conduct Skype interviews with the most qualified candidates in July/August 2021 The incumbent is expected to start the position on January 1, 2022, but the present Editor-in-Chief, Jon Swenson, has offered to help in a transition period prior to that. An exact date can be discussed, as well as a period of overlap with the current Editor-in-Chief of Ursus, if desired by the incumbent as well as IBA. IBA envisions the term of a new Editor-in-Chief to be 3 years, after which time a common evaluation is desirable. For more information on the position, please contact Andreas Zedrosser, IBA Past President/Ursus Editor Search Committee Chair, at andreas.zedrosser@bearbiology.org.
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