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Since 2008, the centre at Mangetti has been tirelessly fighting for the rights of those animals effected by the endless tail of human-wildlife conflict. It has never been before been as dire a situation as we are facing today, and in Africa, there is no shortage of these damaging conflict areas. With human tolerance inevitable dwindling over the years, has come with it, the dwindling of two of Africa’s most iconic species: the African Elephant, and the African Wild Dog, both nearing the end of their time on this earth if drastic measures are not taken. Comprising of around 2,000km2, the Mangetti Complex covers a large deal of the north eastern part of Namibia, with the dense vegetation making even the largest creatures simply disappear before your very eyes. This is just one of the reasons why Mangetti makes use of a few state-of-the-art technologies available to conservation, these include: camera trapping, GPS monitoring, VHF telemetry tracking, and spoor (footprint) tracking techniques. Volunteers will be hands-on and involved with the operating and monitoring of the equipment, helping to identify individuals within a herd or pack, as well as determine distinct elements regarding how they interact with the environment, their social behaviours and hierarchy, to mention a few. Conflict assessment and community outreach are high priority at Mangetti, helping to raise awareness and formulate clear, concise and effective plans of action to help reduce the victims of the continuous conflict between humans and the local wildlife populations.
Requirements Volunteers and students from all across the globe and from any age above 18 years old are welcome. You need to speak English while working on our sites. If English is not your first language, you should be able to speak it reasonably fluently. Training/qualifications Hiking and trekking the mountainous terrain make up a large part of the daily activities at Mangetti, and thus you need to be fit. However, activities can be tailored to suit the fitness needs and levels of most people. Appropriate footwear is required. Rates Duration Fees 2 weeks & 2 days 22500 NDS (Namibian Dollar) 3 weeks & 2 days 30000 NDS 4 weeks & 2 days 37500 NDS 5 weeks & 2 days 45250 NDS 6 weeks & 2 days 52000 NDS Rates includes Project placement Airport transfers on arrival and departure Accommodation (twin or triple room/tent, full-board, laundry service) 3 x Uniform t-shirts per person An orientation on arrival Electronic certificate (printed copy on request) Local support including 24-hour emergency number Research site supplement includes: transfers and additional operational costs
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