Entry Level Wildlife Ranch-Texas

La Salle County Outfitters
La Salle County, TX
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35K base salary + 10K in bonuses annually possible; after 5 years an additional one time 100% bonus:::: 3 yr contract with 1 yr notice required, plus other benefits
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Remote So. Tx Ranch seeking career minded individual for entry level position to a wildlife oriented intensely managed hunting operation. Guiding & service needs in addition to daily work for the 5 months of hunting season for Landowners, family and invited guests: this is not a commercially hunted ranch. There are no domestic livestock on the ranch and currently no exotics. You will be joining a team of 4 other employees that work with a high level of attention to details to meet the ranch goals and daily objectives. During hunting season we will work 14 -21 days straight occassionally. The work starts before daylight and ends after dark when the animals are processed and work area is cleaned. During the non-hunting season we work 40 hours each week completing all ranch related tasks. Tasks: cleaning and washing hunting equipment and facilities, service and maintenance work on equipment, operating equipment, taking care of guests, guiding, darting dmp bucks out in the pasture, hunting for management bucks and videoing on a daily basis during hunting season, keeping records, aging and scoring whitetail deer on the hoof and post harvest, assist in prescribed burns, cleaning out feeders and water troughs, filling feeders, etc. Characteristics required: person must be on time, dependable, good communicator, able to work independently and with others, self starter, take the extra step necessary to complete job correctly, must be flexible to accomplish work for guests and other tasks.
College degree is an advantage, but not required with similar work experience completed. please send resumes to shane@lcohunting.com
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