Environmental Coordinator – Green Bay, WI

WI Department of Transportation
Green Bay, WI
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This position functions in the Region’s Technical Services Section under the general supervision of a Technical Services Supervisor. This position serves as the Environmental Coordinator for several counties in the region as well as major projects within those counties. Responsibilities of the position include assisting to provide research, analysis, consultation and coordination services to WisDOT staff and management on proposed environmental laws and regulations. Assist the region’s operating units, project teams, and consultants in development, implementation, and documentation of environmental processes under provisions of the National and Wisconsin Environmental Policy Acts (NEPA) (WEPA) and the Department’s environmental operational policies, guidelines and procedures. Example of a few job tasks include: completing threatened and endangered species surveyed, wetland determinations, reviewing archeological and historical reports, analyze areas for hazmat concerns, review environmental documents, consult with state and federal agencies. There is always something to do.
A minimally-qualified applicant will have training/education and/or experience with all of the following: Reading and/or understanding environmental laws, rules, policies and/or procedures Analyzing, evaluating, or documenting environmental areas of concern (wetlands, hazardous materials, archaeological and historical investigations, threatened and endangered species, natural systems, etc.) Working as a member of a team – which may include project or committee work A well-qualified applicant will have the above experience as well as the following: Reading and interpreting highway plans, maps, exhibits Preparing environmental documents in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Wisconsin Environmental Policy Acts (WEPA) regulations Preparing and/or analyzing environmental documents for accuracy Communicating technical information with internal and external stakeholders Advanced level Candidates will have the above as well as the following: Experience reviewing final environmental documents for completeness and accuracy. Experience providing research, analysis, consultation and coordination services on proposed environmental laws and regulations. Experience providing technical guidance on NEPA and WEPA regulations
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Shannon Maretti
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