Environmental Coordinator, Indianapolis

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife
Indianapolis, Indiana
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In this position, you will oversee and manage the DNR’s statewide environmental review of NEPA and other environmental review documents regarding proposed construction projects statewide, and facilitate responses to these projects. You will identify known environmental issues; review technical materials, engineering plans, and maps; and evaluate how development may impact the status, ecology, distribution, and demographics of fish and wildlife and their habitats. As a Biologist, you will work primarily in a management capacity. ​
You must meet the following requirement to be considered for employment: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree within a Natural Resource related field. Demonstrated leadership and problem-solving abilities. Thorough knowledge of biological principles, ecological variables, and interactions of species. Knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to the environment and habitat management. Ability to prepare and present evidence and to act as an expert witness in a court of law and /or hearing. Ability to improvise and adapt methods and equipment for specialized tasks. Ability to read, use, and manipulate topographic maps, aerial photographs, wetland delineation maps, soils maps, and ArcGIS mapping systems. Ability to communicate and influence stakeholders concerning the management of species, habitats, and recreational values. Ability to budget and allocate resources effectively. Ability to delegate work, set clear direction, and manage workflow. Ability to effectively give feedback, provide guidance or corrective action, coach, and develop employee skillsets. You must satisfy the following requirement to continue employment: Ability to obtain and hold an Indiana driver's license Ability to obtain and maintain professional licenses or certifications as required by the specific job duties such as pesticide applicators license, burn card, chemical immobilization certificate or similar specific licenses.
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Matt Buffington
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