Environmental Education Specialist – Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area – Stevens, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Stevens, Pennsylvania
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$48,196.00 starting but dependent on previous state service
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The Environmental Education Specialist (EES) position will work at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, the home of the only wildlife visitors center owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania's state wildlife agency in charge of managing wild birds and wild mammals. Work hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (40 hours/week) The EES will work under the direct supervision of the Wildlife Regional Director (WRD) followed by the Wildlife Education Specialist (WES) manager at Middle Creek. The work will include but is not limited to the following: Plan, develop, coordinate and promote wildlife conservation and environmental education programs for both public and private schools to help meet their needs, in regards to environment and ecology and science and technology standards mandated by the Department of Education as well as to promote the agency's mission. Knowledge of educational processes, including teaching techniques for conservation and environmental education. Plan, develop and implement a wildlife education curriculum specifically geared for K-12 students visiting Middle Creek. *Participate as a core team member of the Game Commission’s online virtual platform, Wildlife on Wi-Fi including content creation, capturing, editing, and assistance with videography duties when needed. Conduct programs virtually and in person when appropriate for other groups for the public including but not limited to youth groups, scouts, retirement communities, consumptive and non-consumptive users (hunters and the non-hunting public), etc. Plan, develop and facilitate teacher pre-service and in-service workshops to promote greater awareness of wildlife and the agency's mission. Attend and assist in facilitating other wildlife education programs and events at Middle Creek and throughout the Southeast Region when necessary. Attend workshops, conferences, and other professional development improvement training sessions to improve job skills as directed, potentially including overnight accommodations. Assist with the development of literature, brochures and information to be used for public distribution regarding, events, programs and activities available at Middle Creek and throughout the southeast region. Assist when needed at the Visitors Center counter and answer various questions from the public. These duties would also include selling paid publications and consumables as necessary and general upkeep to the Visitors Center. Assist WES Manager at Middle Creek and other staff with specific Middle Creek functions such as permitted hunt administration and biological duties when needed. Assist in overseeing Volunteer Program at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area and work with other user groups that want to provide assistance to the Wildlife Management Area. Assist in developing and upkeeping educational exhibits at the Middle Creek Visitor's center. Devise timetables, schedules, priorities and agendas for the achievement of work objectives, completion of projects, or development of changes in work processes. Combine above duties to work towards Middle Creek’s 5-year strategic plan. Other duties or responsibilities as assigned.
Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: A bachelor's degree in environmental education, education, the natural sciences, social sciences, or parks and recreation. Shows general understanding of Pennsylvania’s wildlife, their habitat, and the role the Pennsylvania Game Commission plays in their management and conservation. Communicates effectively orally and in writing. Can utilize computer software programs and office equipment including Windows and Microsoft Office Suite, and “smart” technologies. Background with movie production application like iMovie, inShot or other design applications preferred. Maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, educators, and the public. Lift and transport heavy objects up to 30 lbs. Attend trainings to improve job skills. Safely operate and maintain issued equipment. Prepare and submit required documents and reports accurately and within required timeframes. Observe agency policy and procedures concerning attendance, punctuality, safety security, proper care, and maintenance of issued equipment, and economical use of supplies. Adhere to work standards, procedures, methods, and rules. Maintain a valid driver’s license to operate a state vehicle. Represent the Pennsylvania Game Commission on various boards and committees as directed. Maintain compliance with the Child Protective Services Law, 23 PA.C.S. Job announcement: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/pabureau/jobs/3026996/3-year-limited-term-environmental-education-specialist?utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic
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Lisa Houck: gamevacancybids@pa.gov
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