Environmental Educator: Arapahoe, NC

Don Lee Centers
Arapahoe NC
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$325/ week plus room and board
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Last Date to Apply
Residential educators at Don Lee work with students of all grades through our environmental education and team building programs. Located on the banks of a large river just miles from the ocean, Don Lee offers students and staff an opportunity to grow in their environmental literacy and enjoy nature. Our educators provide students with positive nature experiences that connect back with what they are learning in the classroom. Expectations of Don Lee Experiential Education Staff: Enthusiasm about the environment and the experiential education process Self-confidence and the ability to facilitate activities with large and small groups Be prepared and prompt for all activities and meetings Ability to function as an effective team member with other staff members, and to successfully function in a cooperative, communal living environment Helping with setting up and cleaning up of daily activities Hardworking person with the ability to work long hours in a day, in an outdoor setting Positive Attitudes!! Debrief daily with other staff members and be able to offer solutions to issues Communication of problems, ideas, etc. with coordinator and other Don Lee staff members Flexibility!! Benefits Compensation for staff is $325 per week plus room and board. Compensation for non-degreed, interns is $250 plus room and board.
Qualifications: Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center’s Environmental and Outdoor Educators are required to have a bachelor’s degree in a science or education related field or in outdoor recreation and experiential education. They should possess experience or strong interest in teaching children in an outdoor setting. Enthusiasm, flexibility, and effective communication skills are a must. Those persons seeking internships must currently be obtaining a college degree in a related field and possess a strong desire to teach children in an outdoor setting.
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Kathleen Lewia
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