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Field Crew Position PlantWise, LLC is an Ann Arbor-based business that focuses on restoring and creating native ecosystems and plant communities throughout Michigan. Additional company information is available at www.plantwiserestoration.com We are currently seeking someone to join our restoration crew. Responsibilities include: invasive plant control, assisting with native landscaping projects, prescribed burning, and weed mapping. This is very physically demanding field work and frequently involves prescribed burning, chain sawing, applying of herbicide, hauling brush, heavy lifting, and long days. The work takes place in upland and wetland settings, often around poison ivy, poison sumac, biting/stinging insects and in all weather conditions. While being very demanding, the work is also very rewarding. This position begins in June (start date negotiable) and will typically consist of four 10-hour work days, weekly through November, after which potential reduced hours may be available. While some work occurs in the Ann Arbor area, there are periods of travel throughout the state. Vehicle, lodging, and some meals will be provided. Pay rate is dependent on experience ($14-$18/hr). About our work environment and the people who thrive here We value our employees and intend to create a work setting that is educational, fun, challenging, interesting, and fair. We'll treat you well and expect that you'll do the same in return. PlantWise is committed to an environment in which ongoing improvement is supported through a give and take of constructive feedback between everyone in the PlantWise gang.
Experience working with and repairing power tools, native plant and weed identification skills, driving ATVs, and backing trailers are desirable. United States-issued driver license and the ability to obtain a State of Michigan Herbicide Applicator License is necessary. Other useful skills: experience with handheld GPS units, navigating on foot in natural areas, interpretation of maps, teamwork skills, and ability to work independently. Please direct questions along with resume and cover letter to Ashley@PlantWiseRestoration.com by May 31st, 2018.
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Ashley R Schilling
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