Environmental Police Officer

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Rhode Island - Statewide
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$51,704.00 - $59,140.00 annually
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In the Division of Law Enforcement of the Department of Environmental Management to assist, as a Trainee, in the enforcement of a variety of state laws pertaining to the protection and conservation of the natural resources of the state. As assigned, on foot, by boat, or by vehicle to assist in patrolling the fields, woodlands, streams, ponds, lakes and the tidal waters of the state for the purpose of enforcing a variety of state laws and certain federal laws, such as the state fish, game and shellfish laws, the state and federal boating laws, the state forest fire laws and the federal migratory bird laws and related rules and regulations. To assist in arresting without warrant and on view any person found violating the laws, rules or regulations of the state and to investigate complaints, issue warnings, execute all warrants, serve subpoenas, to prepare summonses, arraign violators and to give evidence in courts of law. To operate an inboard or outboard power boat on tidal waters or in the inland lakes and ponds for the purpose of apprehending violators of fish, game, and shellfish laws or of the boating laws. To operate such mobile two-way radios as may be required in the performance of the above duties. To engage in the prevention and suppression of forest fires and to make detailed investigations of the causes of such fires. To prepare detailed reports of activities as required. To engage in the performance of a variety of tasks in a fish, shellfish and wildlife conservation program such as: trapping and redistributing game; to salvage and transfer game fish from ponds, lakes and streams and to assist in transplanting shellfish by commercial fisherman. To assist at and participate in conservation meetings, exhibits and field trials. To distribute hunting and fishing license forms to the clerks of the cities and towns and to special agents,and to give instructions in the proper procedures for the recording, reporting and issuing of such licenses. To assist in the enforcement of all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to: invertebrates and plants; fresh water wetlands, dams and resources, boating safety; solid and hazardous waste transportation, storage and disposal and any other laws regarding solid and/or hazardous wastes; water and air pollution and open burning; agriculture, farmland and pest control; state parks, reservations, management areas and game preserves; the opening and closing of areas within the coastal waters to the taking of any and all types of fish, lobsters and shellfish. To do related work as required.
KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of the proper use and care of firearms; a familiarity with the state's fish and game laws, the state's boating laws and the state's forest laws; a familiarity with the life habits and living conditions of the fish, game and shellfish common to the state; a familiarity with techniques of forest fire prevention and suppression; the ability to enforce state laws and regulations; the ability to deal tactfully with the general public; the capacity to learn to operate inboard and outboard power boats on the state's tidal and non-tidal waters and to learn to operate mobile two-way radio; and related capacities and abilities. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a college of recognized standing with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Natural Resources or related discipline; and Experience: Such as may have been gained through: employment in a position responsible for conservation/natural resource law enforcement with powers of arrest. Or, Graduation from High School and three (3) years experience in a full time environmental law enforcement position with powers of arrest which may be substituted for the required bachelor's degree. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Conditions for appointment: 1) Must possess a Motor Vehicle Operator's License issued by the State of Rhode Island. 2) Must meet the State of Rhode Island qualification requirements to carry weapons used in the performance of duty and must maintain such qualification requirements as a condition of employment. 3) Must, at the time of application and thereafter, continually meet all requirements that are necessary for entry into the Municipal Police Training Academy (i.e. hearing, vision, fitness, etc.). 4) Must annually pass an agility performance test approved by the Director and at least equivalent to the test used by the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy. 5) Within one (1) year of appointment, must have successfully completed the basic training requirements and standards as established for police officers by the State of Rhode Island Commission on Standards and Training (Chapter 42-28-2 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended) to be evidenced by graduation from the Municipal Police Training Academy. In accordance with RIGL 42-28.3-1, no person shall be appointed in any capacity until they shall have been evaluated and tested by a certified psychologist specified by the Director of the Department of Environmental Management and receive a satisfactory rating. The psychologist shall provide a report in writing of his/her evaluation, together with pertinent recommendations, for the guidance of the appointing authority. 6) Must, at the time of application and continually thereafter, be free from any and all felony convictions.
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Jackie Peterson, jacqueline.peterson@dem.ri.gov
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