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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga offers a Master of Environmental Science degree (non-thesis) that provides a new option for students wanting to gain experience in the fields of environmental science, biology, geoscience, and natural resources. The non-thesis is designed for students who wish to enhance their professional degree skills. Our target audience is to attract a diverse array of students from a variety of background and potential students from Federal and State Agencies, consulting firms, K-12 schools, NGOs and non-profit organizations, and individuals with a variety of other natural resource backgrounds. For more information please contact the Environmental Science Program Coordinator Thomas-Wilson@utc.edu or please follow the link to our graduate catalog. Students who enroll full time can complete the degree in less than 2 years while some students have completed the program in a little as one calendar year. New enrollees are accepted in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters as space permits. See the UTC Graduate School for details about application deadlines We are a new program so scholarships or assistantships are limited.
Program Requirements Semester Hours To earn the Master of Science degree in environmental science, a student must successfully complete a total of 36 semester hours comprised of required core courses, elective courses, and academic credit associated with a thesis (for the Thesis concentration) or, internship, individual studies, and/or research experience (for the Non-Thesis concentration) with a cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0. Program of Study During the first semester of graduate coursework, a student must submit a Program of study to the Graduate School that establishes the courses the student must take for partial fulfillment of the degree requirements. The Program of Study must include all core courses and also may include known electives. Admission to Candidacy A student also must be admitted to candidacy by the Graduate School as partial fulfillment of the Master in Science degree in environmental science. The application for admission to candidacy typically is submitted during the semester prior to the anticipated graduation. The application must include all courses not declared by the student’s Program of Study and any changes to declared coursework.
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