Environmental Specialist II: Florida

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Punta Gorda, Florida
Job Category
Full time Positions
Last Date to Apply
Your Specific Responsibilities: Assist with CHAP’s various resource management activities, including colonial wading bird rookery monitoring, water quality sampling, submerged archaeological monitoring, seagrass monitoring, and ERP resource site inspections. Assist with educational and outreach events and presentations. Assist with data entry and analyses, generating reports, Quality Assurance activities, coordinating volunteers, and working with partner agencies. Complete projects as identified in the CHAP management plan. Assist with purchasing, budget, and grant needs and prepares necessary paperwork (timesheet, float plans, activity reports, etc.). Assist with vehicle, vessel and building maintenance. May volunteer to snorkel or dive through the DEP certification process. If a DEP diver, incumbent will participate in the DEP Medical Monitoring Program for DEP divers.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of Florida’s estuarine environment and the flora and fauna including wading and diving birds and Florida's submerged resources. Knowledge of water quality and natural resource monitoring techniques and safe boating operation. Ability to collect, analyze and interpret scientific or technical data; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access, Publisher, Adobe and GIS; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; understand and apply rules, regulations, and procedures; communicate with the public in a courteous manner; organizational skills; travel; and maintain a valid driver's license. Must have prior approval and meet the diving and/or snorkeling validation requirements in accordance with the DEP Underwater Operations Manual. Minimum Qualifications: Driver’s License Preferred Qualifications: Completion of Florida Boating Safety Course (if born after Jan. 1, 1988) Experience in water quality monitoring and wading and diving bird identification Small watercraft operation and trailering
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