Environmental Technician, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Compa Industries
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$14.18-$46.00/hr DOE
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Last Date to Apply
The successful candidate for this position will work with environmental professional staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory to: • Collect, process, and submit environmental monitoring samples of soil, vegetation, small mammals, and road kill samples within and around the Laboratory for the analyses of radionuclides, metals, and/or organic chemicals. • Assist with establishing and maintaining beehives used for environmental monitoring purposes. • Maintain sampling equipment, containers, records, log books, storage facilities, and other laboratory and field equipment. • Assist with maintaining and updating environmental sampling and survey databases, and assist with managing records.
Minimum Job Requirements: Safety and security are a primary responsibility for all Laboratory employees. The successful candidate will maintain required safety and security training, assure safety and security compliance, and make safety and security an integral part of every task, including taking the necessary steps to stop work if continuing the job is unsafe or compromises security. • Demonstrated ability to work safely and securely in the field and provide a safe working environment with open communication between staff to work through issues without conflict. • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written, oral, and electronic media. • Experience in identifying, handling, and sampling small mammals. • Experience in identifying local vegetation. • Demonstrated ability to record field data correctly and clearly. • Knowledge and experience in basic research laboratory protocols, proper sample containers, preservation, storage, transportation, chain of custody, log book, sample processing, and GPS documentation. • Ability to read and navigate with topographic maps, aerial photographs, GPS units, and other maps and tools to determine exact locations of project areas. • Ability to work in outdoor environments, ability to tolerate varying environmental conditions, and have the ability hike long distances, while carrying loads of 25 pounds over rough, uneven, and steep terrain. • Knowledge of proper waste disposal pathways for various types of waste. • Driver’s license and safe driving skills in off-road scenarios. Desired Skills/Knowledge/Experience: • The ability to collect and organize data from multiple projects concurrently and perform data quality assurance. • Ability to identify small mammals and game animals in the field and/or willingness to develop or improve identification skills. • Ability to safely remove, handle, and mark small mammals. • Experience with maintaining bee hives. • Ability to work outside in hot weather conditions and to navigate sometimes difficult terrain. • Willingness to participate in other field tasks that are being undertaken by the group as needed. • Self-initiating, communicative work style with very strong interpersonal and collaborative-work capabilities. • The ability to identify southwestern USA habitat types.
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