Executive Director: (Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development, Inc.)

Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development, Inc.
Macomb, Illinois
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The incumbent’s position is located at Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development, Inc office in Macomb, Illinois. Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. is an Illinois non-profit corporation and IRS 501c3 public charity. Both Prairie Hills and its division, Prairie Land Conservancy, are Accredited Land Trusts with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. The incumbent is a Prairie Hills employee and will serve in the capacity of Executive Director. As the Executive Director, the incumbent will assist Prairie Hills and its divisions [currently the Prairie Land Conservancy, Small Business Loan, and Community Garden] to carry out the goals and objectives addressed in the Corporation’s Strategic Plan. The position will be non-routine in nature and the incumbent will be required to work with many complex and diverse programs. The Executive Director position is considered an exempt employee, meaning the work performed is not covered by overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Supervision of the Executive Director will be provided by a Prairie Hills Board designee. • Duties and Responsibilities The Executive Director will serve a multi-county area in which Prairie Hills operates, with duties and responsibilities to include: 1. Assisting with developing, updating, and implementing the Corporation’s Strategic Plan and Prairie Land Conservancy Strategic Plan. 2. Assisting with office operation by maintaining required records and data bases; and preparing special reports. 3. Assisting with development of an annual reports, news articles and newsletters promoting activities of the corporation. 4. Keeping corporate members apprised of local training opportunities and of meetings pertinent to the furtherance of various programs. 5. Keeping abreast of current developments in various policies, federal and state legislation, and funding sources. 6. Working within a team concept to develop and implement strategies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the products and services provided to internal and external customers. 7. Management of the corporation’s business operations. This includes administration of general operating funds and/or grants and other restricted fund administration; developing budgets, completing reports as required by federal, state, and local entities. 8. Must be physically able to work in outdoor environments such as woodlands and grasslands, and able to lift fifty pounds minimum. 9. Supervise, assist, and provide guidance to the Stewardship Coordinator with conservation land trust activities. 10. Supervise, assist, and provide guidance to the Program Coordinator with social, economic, and natural resource planning and programs. 11. The Executive Director must be able to travel to attend conferences, training and other events as required to acquire and maintain proficiency in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position. 12. Responsible for the recruitment, employment, supervision, and release of all personnel. 13. Performance of duties in a manner supportive of the civil rights policies, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, age, handicap, national origin, or political affiliation as well as diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. • Compensation 1. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits include: 3% IRA match; Federal holidays observed; personal days, vacation, health insurance stipend, professional development, and travel compensation.
1. Experience in non-profit corporation management. 2. Ability to utilize independent judgment and discretionary powers in carrying out the corporations’ activities in rural development, business loans, and conservation land trust. 3. Competence is needed in the operation of computers and software applications including database management, word processing, spreadsheet applications, electronic communications, and automated accounting applications. 4. The Executive Director must possess good written and oral communication skills, including effective public relations skills. 5. Experience with grant writing and a good understanding of grants administration is desirable. 6. Experience with record keeping and fund management is desirable. 7. The Executive Director must be a proven leader with experience managing both people and projects. • Education and Work Experience Requirements: 1. Position requires a bachelor’s degree in either natural resource management, agriculture, business administration or equivalent. A master’s degree is desirable. A minimum of five [5] years’ experience with increasing responsibility is required.
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