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Blue River Watershed Group
Summit County, Colorado
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The Blue River Watershed Group (BRWG) is seeking an Executive Director to lead the group through the next phase of growth for the nonprofit. The new Executive Director will lead BRWG through the final phases of the Integrated Water Management Plan and through implementation of projects identified in the plan. The new Executive Director will also be responsible for grant writing and administration, fundraising, event planning and production, fundraising, and outreach. The mission of BRWG is to promote, protect, and restore a healthy Blue River watershed through cooperative community education, stewardship, and resource management. For more information about BRWG, please visit www.blueriverwatershed.org. Job Description: BRWG is a small nonprofit, and the Executive Director is the group’s only paid position. BRWG is led by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for all day-to-day administration, as well as fundraising, event planning, and the strategic direction of the organization. The main responsibilities of the Executive Director are listed below. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties; the Executive Director is responsible for other projects and tasks as they arise. - Financial Management: The Executive Director is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, and all other financial duties (with support from a CPA Board Member). - Event Planning: BRWG currently holds two annual fundraising events, a river cleanup and a beer festival. The Executive Director is responsible for planning and executing these events annually, including procuring sponsorships and organizing a silent auction. - Grant Writing, Management, and Reporting: BRWG is currently funded by a large federal grant; the Executive Director is responsible for all related management, reporting, and reimbursement requests. They must also research and apply for new grant opportunities to further diversify BRWG’s funding sources. - Fundraising: The Executive Director will build a diverse set of funding sources outside of events and grant awards. Specifically, the Executive Director will build a membership-based giving program (for both individuals and businesses) and cultivate individual donors to form a major gifts program. - Strategic Planning: The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to define measurable goals for the organization as well as create and implement a plan to achieve those long-term goals. - Marketing: The Executive Director will run marketing efforts through social media, email campaigns, maintaining BRWG’s website, advertising and more. - Outreach and Engagement: The Executive Director will continue to reach out to new audiences and work to keep current stakeholders engaged with the organization. This also includes volunteer engagement and management of volunteer events. - Project Management: It is the responsibility of the Executive Director to ensure that BRWG’s projects remain on track. This includes the current project of developing an Integrated Water Management Plan and future planning, restoration, and volunteer projects.
Qualifications: The successful candidate will have the following experience and skills: - Grant management (government grant management experience is especially valuable) - Grant writing and reporting - Project management - Event planning and execution - Excellent communication skills - Great at networking and building partnerships Desired Qualifications: - Bachelor’s Degree and/or equivalent experience in the nonprofit field - General knowledge of watershed issues and management To apply: send a cover letter and resume to Erika Donaghy at info@blueriverwatershed.org.
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