Fall Migration Bird Banding Assistants: South Carolina

Town of Kiawah Island
Kiawah Island, South Carolina
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The Town of Kiawah Island is seeking three Fall Migration Bird Banding Assistants to assist with the daily operation of the Kiawah Island Banding Station (KIBS) from mid-August to mid-November. Assistants will be working alongside experienced banders and will learn valuable skills in mist-netting, bird identification, and advanced methods in aging and sexing of eastern songbirds. Primary duties will include 1) extraction of birds from mist nets, 2) banding birds, 3) processing birds (ageing, sexing, morphological measurements), and 3) data recording and entry. Other responsibilities will include equipment maintenance (mist net repair), site prep and breakdown, and contributions to the daily blog. Normal work schedule is 7 days/week with periodic days off. Very comfortable on-island housing included. Based on experience, two assistants will receive a $1400/month stipend and one will receive $1600/month. On occasion, may need to provide own transportation to field site. Kiawah Island is a developed barrier island located along the central coast of South Carolina. KIBS manages two banding sites located on each end of the island in maritime scrub/shrub. Each site is operated concurrently, and combined, processes about 10,000 birds and over 90 species each fall. To learn more visit: www.kiawahislandbanding.blogspot.com
Successful candidates should have a strong interest in birds and field biology, possess a positive attitude, be able to work and live harmoniously in close company with coworkers, be able to follow protocols, be prepared to work long hours in sometimes adverse conditions (heat and humidity, biting insects), be meticulous in record keeping, and be in good physical condition. Applicants should have some previous experience with mist nets and songbirds. The applicant receiving a $1600/month stipend will occasionally fill in for the Bander-In-Charge thus must be able to obtain a Federal Banding Permit (subpermit). This person must be able to manage 20-30 mist nets, have experience aging species based on molt and/or other criteria, be efficient in the banding and processing of birds, and be able to identify most passerine birds of eastern North America. To Apply: In a single document, please send letter of interest, resume, and the names and contact info for three professional references to Aaron Given, agiven@kiawahisland.org. The
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Aaron Given
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