Fawn Raising Summer Internship in Texas

Waneck Whitetails
Rosanky, TX
Job Category
TBD/Experience Based
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Waneck Whitetails is a deer breeding facility in search of an intern that will help with raising bottle fawns, checking the deer and other general activities that concern the deer. Responsibilities include (but not limited to): -Bottle feeding fawns -Checking pens, waters and feeders. -Filling feeders and waters. -Helping to care for sick deer. -Alerting us to any possible sick deer -Tagging and tattooing the fawns -Cleaning barn/fawn boxes. -Vaccinating and giving oral medications to fawns The intern selected will work with others that have experience in raising fawns and they will be there to help the intern throughout the summer. Room and board are provided. Access to WiFi if needed (just please let us know if WiFi is needed). This opportunity offers hands on experience and will provide insight to the deer breeding industry. THIS WILL BE A FULL TIME, WHOLE SUMMER INTERNSHIP WITH LONG HOURS AND LIMITED TIME OFF.
Qualifications: -Able to lift 50lbs -Can handle working in the heat -Good attitude -Works well with others -Patience (the fawns can be difficult at times!) -Able to adhere to a schedule -General record keeping -Able to follow directions MUST HAVE OWN VEHICHLE. NO ANIMALS ALLOWED. Please provide: -A resume -Any references if you have worked with animals before. -A short letter can be submitted as well but not required.
Contact Person
Morgan Bartsch
Contact Phone
(512) 304-8404 (Can text this number!)
Contact eMail
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