Feeder: Texas

Houston Humane Society/ TWRC
10801 Hammerly Blvd. #200, Houston, TX 77043
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$12 an hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The HHS TWRC is looking for someone to help with animal husbandry including feeding the animals that are brought to facility for emergency care and rehabilitation for the injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife brought to us by the public in the Houston area. Animals in the program currently include but are not limited to - squirrels, opossums, doves, and songbirds. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Animal husbandry including feeding and weighing animals, cleaning enclosures, monitoring behavior, and providing enrichment activities. Learn and implement patient care protocols by species. Safely handle and work with all animals admitted into TWRC, excluding rabies vector species Make sure animal feeding schedules are adhered to. General cleaning duties include dishes, laundry, bathrooms, trash, sweeping, and mopping. Effectively communicate with HHS TWRC staff members, interns, and volunteers. Maintain a safe and professional working environment.
Required Qualifications: Must be 18 years or older. Must have your own reliable transportation. Ability to work as a team. Responsible, trustworthy, and punctual. Respectful and calm demeanor with a positive attitude under stressful conditions. Must be able to perform basic mathematical computations including fractions and percentages. Work will often require: standing, bending, stooping, lifting (must be able to lift 30lbs), climbing ladders, and reading small text. Capable of rigorous indoor work Comfortable preparing and working with insects and carcasses. Ability to follow instructions and willingness to assist wherever needed. Tetanus vaccination is recommended. Preferred Qualifications: Experience in this field is not required, but some animal-related experience is helpful. We are willing to train qualified and committed candidates. Time Commitment: Position is seasonal and typically lasts 4-6 weeks from late February to early April. Must be available to work 18-24 hours per week. Must be available to work weekends and holidays. Shifts times available include: 5 AM - 11 AM, 11 AM - 5 PM, 5 PM – 11 PM. Must complete two paid training shifts. No number of hours per week is guaranteed.
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Kim Gordon
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