FIA Forester – Oklahoma

Oklahoma Forestry Services
Oklahoma, Statewide
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$36,808 + benefits, work vehicle, and per diem
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Oklahoma needs a new FIA forester - FIA foresters travel the state, taking measurements on long-term fixed radius research plots. Oklahoma established many of these sites in 1936 and our data collection enables us to monitor forest health, observe disturbances and ecological responses to those disturbances, track succession, assess sustainability, quantify carbon balances, and more. The job requires outdoor work 95% of the time and significant travel four days per week. You may live anywhere in the eastern/central area of the state (prefer to live SE). Oklahoma is a wildly diverse state with alligators and loblolly pine in the SE, black bears and red oaks in the NE, honey mesquite and horny toads in the SW, and pronghorn, mesas, and ponderosa pine in the NW. FIA cruisers get to see it all! Base salary for a Forester I is $36,808 plus retirement and benefits, a work vehicle, and per diem for out of town travel (typically a tax-free $600 per month). We work 4x10 hour days and you can decide to live almost anywhere in the state that you choose. You must be willing to work outside in most conditions and be willing to learn. I highly recommend sending me an email if you are interested:
A BS in Forestry or similar (looking for dendrology, silviculture, and forest measurements). Prefer to see work experience outdoors and ability to self direct and self motivate. Must be willing to learn (first 6 months are spent as a trainee and you will need to be certified by the US Forest Service before taking on the full responsibilities of the job). I highly recommend sending me an email with your resume after you apply - HR can erroneously screen qualified candidates and if we have your resume and notice that you've applied, we can force HR to approve your application. I highly recommend sending me an email if you are interested:
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Joshua Bradley
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