Field Assistant studying Longleaf Pines in FL

Florida State University
Based at FSU but with travel to sites all around Florida
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I am a grad student in the Geography Department at Florida State University. I amstudying longleaf pine ecosystems in Florida. Research aims to assess the distribution and population dynamics of endangered longleaf pine trees in FL. I am looking for a field assistant (who must be a student at FSU) to visit my field sites with me and help with recording data and coring trees. Out of 27 total field sites, 8 are local sites, but the other 19 will require traveling and being away for ~5 days at a time. Hoping to accomplish the field work in 6 weeks of travel (not consecutively) over the summer (May-August 2018). I can accommodate students who have another part-time job or internship, as long as the other position allows for you to be away traveling for a week at a time. Applicant should be comfortable with (potentially) some amount of camping. If interested, the field assistant can also help me process my data and tree cores after field work which will include mounting, sanding, scanning and crossdating tree cores. I am specifically looking for someone with an interest in FL botany/ecology, which I can provide mentorship in. I can help you get DIS or internship credits or you can do it as a volunteer, any of which will look nice on a resume/CV. This position would be great for someone who is looking to go to graduate school or someone who wants a professional career in enviro/biological sciences in Florida. Please contact me with any questions about the position or my research. I am very flexible so don't be afraid to ask about needing specific accommodations for your schedule. E-mail me if interested in the position!
Must be a student at Florida State University (undergrad or graduate OK). I am requiring the assistant be a student at FSU because this is an unpaid position and I cannot provide housing. I can assist the student in receiving internship or DIS credits for the position at FSU, and do not know how to accomplish that at another school.
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Nicole Zampieri
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