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University of Illinois
Fort Hood / Killeen Tx
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We are hiring a field biologist to assist with a study on the distribution and abundance of mammals on Fort Hood, TX. There are two primary projects. The first is using camera traps to document the distribution and potentially the density of eastern spotted skunks. The second is to quantify the small mammal community in certain habitats on the installation. We expect the spotted skunk project to last from Nov 1 until early spring when the biologist will transition to the small mammal aspect of the research. The spotted skunk project will use camera traps and track plates to collect data; the biologist will be responsible for deploying the camera traps and track plates, and managing the data. The small mammal study will use Sherman traps to capture small mammals in grasslands, shrublands, forests, and riparian areas. Housing is not provided, however we can assist in locating housing. The supervisors for this position will be Dr. Max Allen (Illinois Natural History Survey) and Dr. Michael Ward (U of Illinois).
-A Bachelor’s degree in natural resources, ecology, or biology is required. -The biologist must submit to a background check and be cleared to work on an Army installation. -Must be able to work unsupervised in remote field conditions. -Must be able to work safely under difficult field conditions including variable weather, difficult terrain, and physically demanding circumstances Desired Qualifications -Experience setting and using camera traps, track plates, and small mammal traps. -Experience handling and identifying small mammals is also highly valued. -Organizational skills and experience in data entry and management; including experience photo-tagging and managing large photo datasets. -Skills in the identification of mammals by sight (on camera trap images), and experience identifying and interpreting animal tracks and sign. -Valid driver’s license and safe driving record (no major moving violations or DUIs in the past five years). -Familiar with GPS technology and navigating in the field. -Positive attitude and strong work ethic.
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Michael P Ward
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