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About Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a leading statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating and enabling people to become active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. Colorado’s outdoor resources contribute greatly to our health, happiness, and state economy, but they also face ongoing stresses and require care and stewardship to ensure long-term sustainability. Leveraging nearly four decades of experience in outdoor stewardship volunteerism, we engage 5,000 volunteers in hands-on stewardship work each year. We also help other groups develop and grow effective volunteer programs to meet Colorado’s growing stewardship needs. Finally, we foster statewide, cross-industry collaboration to encourage a unified approach to caring for Colorado. Position Overview The Field Programs Manager is a full-time, exempt professional position that reports to the Director of Programs. This position that works with the VOC program team to oversee the operational, planning, and supervisory needs for VOC’s boots on the ground and programmatic stewardship projects. The position also manages the planning, implementation and evaluation for public and programmatic projects as well as provides professional project management, logistical support, and volunteer leadership management on VOC volunteer projects administratively and in the field (including extensive travel around the state), and administrative and development support for projects. The position leads the development of the annual VOC public volunteer project calendar and supervises the Seasonal Field Project Coordinator(s). VOLUNTEER PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT - Manage VOC project strategy and development with VOC Program Team and lead development of annual VOC public project calendar and staffing assignments. - Manage VOC’s annual project development, solicitation and selection process; oversees pre-season project scouting process utilizing staff and volunteers. - Provide analysis of Boots-on-the-Ground programs to make sound decisions regarding volunteers, staffing levels, project selection, etc. - Develop and maintain key partnerships to further the development and enhancement of VOC Boots-on-the-Ground program. - Undertake assigned volunteer stewardship projects requiring: o Facilitating project planning and related communications with land managers and other partner organizations. o Managing project planning efforts involving volunteer-leader project teams and recruiting necessary volunteer leaders. o Providing on-site staff leadership and appropriate decision-making. o Facilitating pre-and-post project volunteer communications for assigned projects. o Managing project-related logistical requirements . - Assist VOC’s program team in recruiting and developing new volunteer leaders, and with other related outreach to prospective volunteers and groups. - Manage project coordination and staffing assignments for VOC’s Team Stewardship Day program. - Manage volunteer leaders in VOC’s Adopt Program and coordinate project management tasks with them. - Compile and maintain accurate project data, volunteer records, and expense reporting by project. - Manage staff efforts for ensuring project in-kind development needs for food, tools and materials are met.; ensure accurate donation documentation. - Manage project development, partner relationships for future projects and the annual project scouting and selection process. - Assist with coordination of volunteer skills trainings and provide logistical/staff representation as needed at other events. - Recommend process improvements and changes based on observations and analysis of VOC’s project delivery methods. - Oversee program evaluation to inform future decisions and to collect accurate data to report to funders. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT - Manage hiring process for Seasonal Field Projects Coordinator(s). - Manage orientation and training for Seasonal Field Project Coordinator(s) upon onboarding and continuously throughout the term of employment. - Provide effective supervision of Seasonal Field Projects Coordinator(s), including continuous management of the positions’ orientation, project schedule, and assistance in operational support. - Ensure staff are continually developing their professional skills, possess content area expertise, and maintain high credibility and connectivity to volunteers, the community, and partner organizations. - Provide timely feedback and mentorship to staff, as well as conducting annual reviews with the Director of Finance and Operations. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Manage VOC Operations (Ops) Center, a 5,000 sq. ft. facility used for the maintenance and storage of VOC tools, equipment and food. - Manage VOC Vehicle Fleet. - Develop and manage associated budgets (tools, ops center maintenance, vehicles, truck rental, volunteer food). - Manage staff efforts for ensuring project in-kind development needs for food, tools and materials are met. - Develop and manage an asset inventory for the Ops Center.
Education and Previous Experience - Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field or at least 4 years of applicable experience - Requires at least 2 years of program management experience, including programmatic development, planning, and execution; project team management; budgeting and reporting experience - Requires previous outdoor leadership experience - Requires valid wilderness first aid, including CPR certification, or ability to complete certifications before the employee’s first managed project - Prefer experience recruiting, coordinating, and managing volunteers, youth corps or staff positions and/or working with the public in a nonprofit and/or government environment - Prefer previous volunteer or staff experience with trail work, ecological restoration, farming, landscaping or other outdoor stewardship projects - Prefer experience with grant writing and reporting
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