Field Survey Technician

Environmental Design & Research
New York State
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$19 to $23 per hour (based on experience and work history with EDR).
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EDR is looking to hire qualified Field Survey Technicians to conduct avian surveys at proposed solar and wind energy project sites in New York State. These positions are temporary (i.e., on a per-project or per-season basis) but may be extended depending on additional project opportunities and job performance. Avian surveys will primarily involve afternoon and evening surveys from fixed locations, with a focus on detection and observation of grassland raptors (e.g., northern harriers [Circus hudsonius]) in rural settings under winter conditions. Preference will be given to candidates with: (1) prior experience conducting avian surveys and/or bird-related scientific research in the northeastern U.S.; (2) knowledge of and experience identifying birds that occur within New York State by both sight and sound; (3) experience recording bird observations electronically and/or using mobile applications (e.g., eBird, iNaturalist); (4) experience identifying plant species and recording habitat/vegetation characteristics; (5) experience using other environmental data collection mobile applications (e.g., ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Survey123, Fulcrum, Wildnote); and (6) experience using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. Schedule and Compensation: -Anticipated Start and End Dates: on-boarding and training the week of November 6, 2023; field surveys beginning the week of November 13, 2023, and ending in late March or early April 2024. -Weekly Schedule: Monday through Friday; 4-5 hours per day is typical (20-25 hours weekly); occasional weekend work possible if available/interested; five evening surveys and one set of daytime (morning/afternoon) surveys per week is typical. -Compensation: $19 to $23 per hour (based on experience and work history with EDR). -Lodging: expenses reimbursed dependent on individual project requirements, and possible monthly stipend for non-local staff. -Transportation: personal vehicle mileage reimbursed for work travel; calculated based on EDR office locations. -Meal Per Diem: dependent on individual project requirements, but typically up to $26 per diem on workdays for dinner meal. -Equipment: mobile device (e.g., iPad mini), spotting scope, tripod, snowshoes, headlamp, traffic safety cones, first aid kit, and safety vest all provided by EDR for work use. -Safety: all employees will adhere to EDR health and safety procedures and employment policies, including project-specific job hazard analysis.
Qualifications: -At least one (1) field season or one (1) year of experience conducting breeding bird, wintering raptor, migratory raptor, or other similar bird surveys (in a professional or scientific research capacity). -A strong proficiency in bird identification, including rare species and raptors. -The ability to readily identify avian species that occur in New York State (or ability to quickly learn to identify such species). -The willingness to travel, including possible overnights, to project sites located throughout New York State. -A current, valid driver’s license. -The ability to work atypical hours (into the evening). -The ability to work outdoors in a variety of harsh weather conditions (e.g., cold, wind, rain, snow). -Physical endurance to conduct avian fi eld surveys in areas without road access (e.g., walking on uneven terrain, snowshoeing through deep snow). -A positive attitude, enthusiasm for teamwork, and appreciation for both the challenges and benefits of working in an outdoor field environment. -Independence and ability to conduct field surveys alone (following successful completion of training). -Good written and oral communication skills that allow for accurate, complete data recording and punctual delivery of survey data and progress updates to a fi eld supervisor. -The ability to carry equipment (i.e., binoculars, spotting scope, mobile device) while conducting fieldwork. -Proficiency in reading, understanding, and navigating using aerial (satellite) imagery maps. -The ability to fill out paper and electronic data sheets. -The ability to accurately record detailed spatial and behavioral information for birds observed during surveys. -Attention to detail and ability to conduct quality control (QC) reviews of survey data to ensure accuracy and completeness. -A bachelor’s degree or coursework in biology, conservation biology, ecology, environmental science, environmental studies, natural resources, wildlife science, or a related field. EDR is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting and design fi rm that has been in business for over 40 years, and this position represents a career opportunity with one of the leading environmental permitting consultants for renewable energy projects in the Eastern United States. Significant milestones in our portfolio include the largest proposed utility-scale solar project in Maryland (Great Bay Solar), the first wind energy project built in New York (Madison), the first wind energy project approved in Ohio (Buckeye), the first approved off-shore wind project (Cape Wind), the first built off -shore wind project (Block Island), the first proposed off shore wind project in the Great Lakes (Project Icebreaker), the largest wind energy project in the Northeast (Maple Ridge), and the first wind energy project proposed on National Forest Service Lands (Deerfield Wind). Our experience on these projects, along with many other ongoing/active projects, incorporates all aspects of environmental impact analysis and permitting, which includes preparation of environmental impact statements and siting board applications in addition to various support studies and permit applications. EDR’s staff is a diverse group of environmental professionals that includes ecologists, botanists, wetland specialists, wildlife biologists, GIS specialists, archaeologists, historians, visualization specialists, planners, landscape architects, and engineers. Come join our team, work on interesting and challenging projects, and collaborate with our talented group of environmental professionals! To apply for this position, please visit
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